Neverending Story

Last night Sam and i watched The Neverending Story - a childhood classic... can you believe that Sam had never seen it!?


I hope you all had a really lovely christmas. x Sam and I visited my family down in Surrey, where it was still snowy. We sat in front of open log fires and ate non stop! - Lovely.

Snow day!

Saturday in Hampstead was transformed into a winter wonderland - we baked cupcakes, went toboganning on baking trays, made a curry and watched a batman marathon - great day! x

Sensible Shoes

A courier dropping off a sneaky asos delivery earlier commented on my 'Very Sensible Shoes'! ... apparently my mother would be proud!...

Well, I suppose they are rather sensible!.... bought as ballet pumps just don't cut it in the snow - last week, I haven't really taken them off since!... they are from office - I spotted a girl wearing them on the tube at Angel and asked her where they were from - then in a creepy stalker style bought them!.. i love how they are comfortable and yet not completely flat,.. very proper shoes! xx

Coconut Chai Latte

how amazing does this look!

Coconut chai latte, 1 mug

1 large mug oat or soy milk
1 portion/bag of black tea (I used PG Tips, but any black tea is fine)
3 whole cloves
1 cinnamon stick
3 pods of cardamom
a few pinches of dried ground ginger
1 tsp good quality coconut oil
ca 1 tsp maple syrup (optional)
Pour milk in a mug to measure and then transfer all of it but about 1 dl to a pot (if you have a milk frother, otherwise transfer all of it). Add the tea bag and the spices, and heat until almost boiling. Lower temperature and let simmer for a few minutes, then turn off the heat and let it stand for a few minutes more.

Meanwhile, if you have a milk frother, froth the 1 dl of cold milk (if not you can skip this step). Put it to one side.

Strain the tea and pour into a mug. Add the coconut oil and the maple syrup (if using). Stir, and as the final step add the cold milk.

found over on: Flickan & Kakorna check out the site for aome amazing cupcakes!

On the Wagon

Today I have decided is my first day as Tee Total! x yikes .. i feel that by telling people my decision it will make it easier but i know i'm still going to really want mulled wine and champagne.. mulled apple juice here i come though! x

I pretty much want to do this as i don't like myself when i'm drunk and i think cutting alcohol out all together is easier than just 'having one'.... i think it will definately take some getting used to.. not using a glass of wine to relax or to get over nervousness while out might take some getting used to!.. oh well, wish me luck! xx

School Shirts

When we left school there was a traditions (like most schools i think!) of signing each others shirts - writing cute little messages (the girls) or drawing on boobs etc (the boys)... I wish someone had drawn cue little birds over mine!.. x

Balancing Barn!

I just got sent an email from a location hire company with this Amazing new house!!!...

the blurb!...
'The Balancing Barn stands on the edge of a nature reserve a few miles inland from the Suffolk coast, near the historic towns of Walberswick and Aldeburgh. Clad in elegant silver tiles, the house dramatically cantilevers over the landscape, providing views from its huge panoramic windows over woods, ponds and meadows. The house was designed by the Dutch firm MVRDV, who have won a world-wide reputation for the ingenuity, playfulness and comfort of their designs.'

Pj's Banana Jam

At Ms Marmite lovers Underground christmas market this weekend PJ very much admired some 'not for sale' Banana Jam.. well here is a recipe.. just for you PJ! x

Banana Jam
2 lbs ripe bananas (1 Kg)
3 3/4 Cup brown sugar (750 g)
1 1/3 Cup water (3 dl)
juice of 3 limes (or lemons)
1 teaspoon cinnamon (1 cc)
3 tablespoons of pure vanilla extract (or use real vanilla beans) (1 cs)
1 dash of ginger powder
1/4 Cup of rum (1/2 dl)

Peel and mash the bananas.
Mix water, lime juice, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, ginger over moderate heat and stir until syrup thickens. Add the mashed bananas and let cook 20 to 25 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add rum during the last few minutes of cooking to let alcohol burn off. Immediately place in jam jars and seal.

Happy Weekend! xx

Whats everyone up to?

I'm off to the Underworld tonight for this:

Islington Academy tomorrow for this:

And the underground farmers market on sunday :) x

Cockpit Christmas

Whilst at the Cockpit Arts open studios the other day a few artists stalls really stood out... these are perfect for christmas presents -affordable, individual and supporting a new designer..

gorgeous little porcelain tea light holders - the letters are my favourites.. spell out names or messages x

the quirky quotes on all these items are perfect for anybody. and the christmas decorations are gorgeous too. x

Phrases available are:

Option 1: i am quite unusually brilliant.

Option 2: i am not awake yet don't even think of talking to me.

Option 3: i am hoping for world peace but would like something shiny as well.

Option 4: i am having a very bad day only talk to me if you have good news

Option 5: i am in need of peace and quiet please observe noise reduction measures in my vicinity.

Option 6: i am unable to decide as there are simply too many choices.

Option 7: i am sure that on a day like today anything is possible.

Option 8: i am waiting for true love but will accept expensive gifts in the interim.

Option 9: i may at any point turn into my superheroalterego.

Option 10: i am a genius of ginormous proportions.

Option 11: i am doing my best to concentrate but due to years of training in the dark art of time wasting i can't resist the urge to procrastinate.

Option 12: i am taking a vow of neutrality in all matters pertaining to this dispute.

Option 13: i am not spoilt that is merely malicious propaganda put about by my embittered.

these are some seriously gorgeous scarves.. after the Hermes event the other week I have been craving a few new tying options... these few would be great..

I love these bracelets and rings that look like ruffled collars.

and finally Jo Hayes Ward
cool jewellery that looks like it has been pixelated!

a couple of them are also available on

A Donna Hay Christmas....

Donna Hays simple food styling and recipes have long been a reason to buy living etc... this month the little christmas leaflet is full of yummy looking recipes and ideas.. maybe one day i'll get round to actually buying the proper magazine...

I love these:..
sweet wreath... wrap boiled sweets in festive fabric and fasten to a wire cake rack!. so simple!

rose cups..
doily table runner... sew lots of old doilies onto a cotton back sheet.. sorted!

flavoured water.. liven up jugs of tap water with ginger, rapberries, mint etc..
and this recipe...
Candy Cane Cupcakes, such a great idea - I love candy canes but there are always broken ones in a pack....


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