Happy Holidays!

I have been awful at posting recently - I am sorry.... new years resolution to fix this! x
in the mean time these are some of my fave recent pics.. x

Be nice!

A while back I bought this fab print from Anthony Burrill......

and now i really want this print from James Hurst to go with it!....


Perfect stocking fillers for a few aptly named friends! xx

Apparently its available in selfridges... im off to check as im rather worried by the 'price on request' statement on the website!!

columbia rd

these two artists have the loveliest shop on columbia road...
upstairs at Marcus & Trump (no. 146) their work compliments each others so well! x
Buddug Wyn Humphreys

and Jessica Chorley

Indoor Picnic

I love this idea from Posie gets Cosy of using a blanket as a tablecloth... its such a cute look and would turn any meal into an indoor picnic! x

Born to be wild

Love this

Christmas crafts

I have started making a selection of christmas decorations, in the same style as those above....quite simple fabric patterns. I don't know how many i will finish before christmas but if i have time I am going to fill some of the little birds with lavender for gifts for people to hang in their closets... x

winter planting

having these pots planted up makes the view from my window a lot less bleak....

I planted rosemary, lavender and ivy for both nice smelling window boxes and some lovely trailing foliage.

i did however have so many pansies i had to utilise every planting space i had!!

they looked gorgeous this weekend in the bleak snow!!.... pity it didn't last!

Home is where the heart is. x

I bought these lovely old print press letters at portobello the other week. deliberately mismatched (my friend and i spent ages deciding which letters should be larger!) I plan on sticking them all on my flat front door. x

The big Knit

Innocent smoothie's currently come with really cute little wooly hats!!

I bought two just beacause they were cute and i thought the little hats could make egg cosies or i could incorporate them into christmas wrapping but they actually are for a good deed too!
50p from each sale goes to age concern which helps provide blankets, hot meals and heat advice to the aged so that they can survive winters.... 25,000 older people die from cold related illnesses every winter.

you can knit your own to contribute too. x



I am already yearning for a centrpiece for the christmas table. These candle sticks from heals are lovely but at £200 and £60 a bit expensive! x

Autumn Swap

I finally got around to posting my autumn swap package at the weekend, (despite the post offices protests and unreasonable opening hours!) As my selected blogger is not from the UK (only hint you'll get!) I decided to theme it a little bit english autumn...

english roses from libertys...

rose and fig balm from topshop

ltd edition champagne marmite!

cosy 'seasonal' socks!

trio of muji scented candles. x

and gorgeous smelling vanilla spice moisteriser. x
i hope they like it! x


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