Domino Love x

yes please.. i miss domino x

walking shoes...

craving some new converse.. i dont need any of course! x

Tattoo interiors

I went to the london Tattoo convention yesterday.. it was such fun!... loads of people getting tattood, lots of friends and a lovely sunny day by the river.

One of the highlights was this stall...Sacred Stitches

i really want this cushion!... although a customised one would be amazing! x

this print is gorgous too x.. i may have to start a christmas list!

Recipe box

oh wow!... Simple and pretty just posted this adorable recipe box!.. i immediately had to re-post!.. its so lovely! x

Daily Bread

I am very tired and a bit hungover today, after working very late inthe office then going to the premier model party... luckily i was first in the office so managed a peaceful 5 minutes. x

Mmmm ,... I love bread.... Todays breakfast/lunch... Cottage cheese with pineapple, ham and bread...

Fenton House

Fenton house at the top of Hampstead on saturday was absolutley lovely... old english at its best..

an orchard with lots of different varieties of apples,

an honesty nursery

a bee hive, lots of lavender,gorgeous gardens

and creepy mannequins in the house, this is Sam having tea with them!

this sunday they are having an apple fair.. check it out ! xx

drunken weekends...

Another lovely weekend...
friday we travelled down to kingston for a gig... much fun!

then on saturday rather hung over we realised it was 'open house' weekend in hampstead. so we were able to go into national trust properties for free!... we had a lovely day strolling around! Sunday we had a massive sunday pub lunch, lots of wine then went to a model party for fashion week.

rather struggling today! x

Poetry Graffiti

If someone graffiti'd my doorway i dont think i'd be too pleased... however if they graffiti'd it with a love poem i might let it slide!.. like this one on cheshire st, off brick lane! x

Music Bar

I went to a cocktail bar the other week with a friend on the way to dinner... mainly because it was £2.50 a cocktail... the place was somewhat empty but the actual bar itself was great - made of a lightbox covered in tapes!.. great idea! x

Bath boat!

Wow.. i love this bath!... found on shop curious...

mini planters

i love this idea from design sponge of using egg cups as mini planters... i so often see cute single egg cups at markets - im now going to buy them and plant them up to take to peoples houses for parties or dinners! x thankyou design*sponge! xxx

Blog Book

My friend Emily writes a really funny blog about her expereinces working in her family shop.. and Amazing news!.. it has been made both into a book and a short film! ..

read emily's blog here

and buy the book here!..
its also on AMAZON!!! wow.. pre-order it for christmas pressies now!

the publishers description is this:
“The new It-Girl, Emily Benet, does for chandeliers what Bridget Jones did for publishing”

Shoppers, suitors and chandeliers make up Emily Benet’s comic world. Selling light bulbs in her mother’s London shop conceals her burning ambition to become a writer. Till-side accounts of the general public’s desire for retail therapy and light switches form the backdrop to Benet’s well-lit tour of the credit crunch, as the shop faces closure and the real life transition from retail assistant to published writer all comes true, with some salsa dancing thrown in for good measure.

Charming, scatty and endearing, Benet’s diary reveals more about Britain’s current climate than diamante fittings might suggest. This new book is an adaptation of Benet’s hugely popular Shop Girl Blog and already has thousands saying she’s the new Bridget Jones, but with one difference: she’s a real life shop assistant in a very real shop.

In a uniquely quirky account Benet tells us about being young, having literary dreams and loving lamps. The independent lighting shop is the co-star of this tale, as mother and daughter try to close down but just can’t seem to manage it due to a loyal following of colourful and bizarre customers.

Emily’s writing is simultaneously bittersweet, laugh out loud funny and impossibly moreish — luckily the ‘Shop Girl Diary’ is handbag-sized so you’ll never have to be without it. With specially-commissioned short films and an enormous Facebook push this gift book is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who shops and anyone who doesn’t.

Cord Comfort

I was naughty in my lunch break today and bought a new dress from H&M - its cord so lovely and cosy for autumn and it has pockets! x

Perfect Weekend

I just had the most amazing weekend... a perfect combination of relaxing and fun! ... friday night i went with a friend to the pub for a catch up then my b/f and i missioned it to ikea.. just in time to grab a rug and shelving rack before heading home.. he was wonderful and built the flat-pack while i crashed out drunk and tired in bed!..

Saturday we went to an Andrew W.K instore in east london.. it was great!.. his new album is just improvised piano and so he played piano for 45 minutes!.. I then hung round like stalker to meet him afterwards!...

Afterwards we headed to the street fair in Hampstead which was fab!.. old school family fun, children selling homemade lemonade and cookies.. tombola's, bands and lots of food..

then we had our own houseparty!..

Sunday mainly consisted of tidying up!.. and mopping the floor many many times.. afterwards though we could put out our new rug, plant up all the housewarming plants, have a bath and be lovely and cosy in our tidy little flat with a sunday roast!.. absolutely perfect! x


We are having a housewarming on Saturday... even though we haven’t fully unpacked and the place is a mess. We may also struggle to fit more than five people in our cosy little flat.

However we are going to stock up on pizzas, some alcohol, hang some bunting and fairy lights and invite all our friends over...
I decided to google housewarming party tips just in case.. this is what i found out!
1. Apparently giving good directions on the invitations is very important!....
2. Food: one website suggests that ‘Since guests will be walking about and inspecting your home during your housewarming party, this is an ideal situation for casual, finger foods. Serve different choices in each room. Then, as they discover your rooms, there will be edible surprises as well.’ Crisps in the bathroom then? .. dip in the cupboard!.. we only have one room!
3. Sweet Signpost.. (I like this one)’According to an American tradition, the display of a yellow ribbon is a sign of loyalty to family, friends or loved ones who are welcome home. Attach yellow ribbon or balloons to your new front door to welcome in all of your guests -- apart from anything else, it's a useful way to show which is the party house.’ Ok then.. some yellow ribbon.. or flowers maybe.
4. This one is hilarious!.. from the BBC website! 'Housewarmings' are frequently held by students, or people newly graduated from university. Such housemates are often testing the boundaries of good taste and tolerance in their first domestic experience outside the homes into which they were born. They are frequently more turbulent and debauched than other parties, largely because they are mostly held in jubilant circumstances, by people who don't really know how bad they can be to each other yet. Older householders have housewarmings merely because they enjoy them.’ Ahem!
5. One website suggested home themed music!.. brilliant!.. I immediately added ‘our house’ by madness and talking heads ‘burning down the house’! to our spotify playlist So cheesy!
6. Place: A housewarming party should be held at the new home, of course!
7. Not sure my guests would love this one!.. Party theme: Make the housewarming party activity-related. If there are rooms to be painted or a garden that badly needs planting, plan the party around getting that task done. You can have a painting party, where most of the guests show up early and help paint, or a garden party where each guest brings a plant, and actually plants it.
8. Martha stewart suggests that Instead of offering the usual plate of cookies, welcome new neighbors with a bucket of practical items they'll need while settling into their new home.

So lots of cleaning products.. friends painting... food hidden around the flat and lots of yellow!.. i think i may stick with Pizza and alcohol!

local breakfast

Today the bf and I treated ourselves to a local breakfast on the way to the tube.. Croissants from our local Hungarian confectioner (!) and coffee from Pauls.. Mmmm.. makes mid-week a bit less dreary. x


I love this outfit so much! x

Perfect Lazy weekend

I decided to have a low key weekend this weekend to get over a cold.. it was perfect. Saturday lunch with my dad followed by a lazy evening and the best sunday ever with my lovely man, big lie ins, cooked breakfasts, long walks exploring, pub drinks and dinner, baking together and a cozy night! fab! x

Muggins Muffins x

Tonight I was supposed to be going to see Coco Before Chanel.. however i am not feeling great so girliness is planned instead. x

i am going to make these for my boyfriend - i owe him lots of attention at the moment x


250g flour
95 g caster sugar
1 heaped teaspoon baking powder
3 tablespoons golden syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 egg
65g butter
160 ml full fat milk
8 teaspoons of spreadable golden syrup
Muffin Cases
Muffin Tin


I think the title says it all, great with a cup of tea or coffee as a mid morning or midnight snack.

1. This made 8 generous sized muffins.
2. Pre heat the oven, 160 (fan oven)
3. Mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl.
4. Melt the butter in the microwave then beat in the egg, then the milk and golden syrup and vanilla extract.
5. Add the egg mix to the dry ingredients and lightly mix.
6. Spoon a blob into muffin case then add 1 teaspoon of spreadable golden syrup, then cover with another blob of mixture, repeat until all the cases are filled.
7. Cook in the middle of the oven for about 35 mins or until golden.
8. Serve while still hot, with a steaming cup of tea or coffee.
9. They would also be great turned into a pudding with a big dollop of custard.


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