Finally Friday

I am so glad the weekend is here. After an awful night of what seemed like endless cleaning and tidying last night (I can't wait to be properly unpacked and sorted in the flat) I woke up cranky and tired this morning, it didnt help that my music in the office was immedietly turned off for Amy Winehouse instead by my colleagues! Also all my friends are over at reading this weekend :(

Anyway I am determined to begin the weekend early so I grabbed a budget Breakfast (Bloomer from the bakers, Soft cheese (ok from tesco!), and amazing nectarines from the friut seller outside the tube) all for less than two pounds and loads left for lunch (I am completely reformed and never buying a £4 sandwich again!) I am going o crack on with some work so I can hopefully leave early, go to a friends for a lvely italian meal, hit the heath then out tomorrow, carnival and sunday and who knows for monday.... Roll on afternoon!!!


seriously now.. i have to stop looking.. (also what is my obsession with yellow.. i have 2 gorgeous vintage yellow dresses already!)


this gorgeous dress is available to buy on etsy.... oh how I want it! ..its just too expensive at $325 :( i will dream instead!

wish list

Now that we have moved and I have managed to get rid of loads of clutter im feeling the need to acquire more stuff again!.. im trying not to buy anything absolutly not necessary but this apron and butter dish (also from anthropologie) are lovely!

Errrrr.. well errr..... but errr...

Who'd have thought that the editor in chief of US Vogue would say errr so much!!!


ooh.. I've just seen that Anthropologie is selling Terranium's!... fab!.. yet another reason to be excited about the regent street store.. they are not cheap though, averaging £70.. probably worth it though!

Polaroid and urban outfitters

fingers crossed forpolaroids.. Urban outfitters on oxford st is doing its bit tomorrow .. get down there! xx

press release bit.. (edited!)
'Saved Polaroid' Launch Event At Urban Outfitters

The Impossible Project is hoping to re-start production of the cartridges, and this Friday they're launching a worldwide campaign in conjunction with Urban Outfitters.

Limited edition Polaroid kits with one specially preserved pack of 779 film and one 600 Polaroid camera will be launched at the Oxford Street store this Friday at 6pm, along with recovered Polaroid film. Urban Outfitters already sell image making equipment such as the Holga and Lomo ActionSampler -- essential for your everyday hipster's wardrobe. They're hoping the rescued Polaroids will take off in a similar fashion.

The Impossible Project hope that a worldwide renewal interest in Polaroid will help them re-start production next year. They're some way from realising it yet - their website has an open call for old Polaroid employees and engineers to help them solve some remaining technical difficulties. So if you know anything about latex timing layers, you know who to contact, and help the corpse of a photographic icon dust the dirt from its face and leap up out of the grave.

Saved Polaroid launch, at Urban Outfitters' Oxford Street store, Friday 21st August, 6pm.

room number.....

I love this idea from Design*sponge..... i'm definately going to keep my eyes open for those around london.. although if your on a really amazing holiday it would also be a good keepsake to take your own one.. (ahem..not that i am recommending stealing... ;)

thankyou design*sponge ! xx

oink oink!

apologies for the lack of posts.. i have been ill with pig flu all week :(
Am feeling marginally better now though - although finding it tough to get back to my chirpy self... having a picnic on Hampstead heath tonight with one of my best friends who i havent seen in ages though, and my boyfriend so hopefully that will help! :)


I just had an amazing weekend at rebellion festival in blackpool!.... back to the grind of packing this week though! yikes!

Decisions... after the rental of the flat we found fell through we hunted and hunted to find another, only to be told that we could now have the original again!.. yikes.. we hastily faxed everything off from our hotel on friday and am now waiting with crossed fingers.. we decided to go for the original flat as even though it doesnt have a balcony or as much room just because we can put our own stamp on it more... wish us luck! xx


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