1940's evening wear

For miss Rachel who has a blitz themed party! x
1940s glam, home front utility clothing and allied uniform

check out the blitz party for inspiration!

play this!

shop at heydayonline, vivian of holloway, daddy o' and of course vintage! x


My landlord has given us the go-ahead to paint the flat!... exciting!


as for our kitchen.. if our landlord ever let us - i would love to paint te cupboard doors white... it would make such a difference! x


im torn with our little bathroom.. i would love to paint it dusky pink but it is quite nice white....

living etc

in the living room i want to put in a fireplace!... it would only be the surround but i think it would still make so much of a difference!
i really want a new couch - but thats never going to happen.. so instead just more bookshelves and some nice accessories..


my boyfriend bought me a surprise present yesterday!.. lovely! x

others from the weekend!

other images from this weekend. x


vintage shopping

sam as minnie!

present wrapping!


in the hall we currently have lots of pictures all over the place and a thin shelf housing some of my many snowglobes...the walls are impossible to drill into or hammer nails into so once its painted i would love to get someone to do this!... i would like all the pictures up ... maybe a little neater.. and a row of hooks for hats..

pink polka

pretty dress from asos


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