Lovely Leon Loos!

So.... after a cupcake baking session on Sunday with new flatmate I met my BBB (best browsing buddy) at Leon for lovely milkshakes and hot chocolate.

We went to the new branch, behind the Tate modern and while the rest of the interior is the same as all the other chains, the toilets were really cute with floral tiles intersperced with red and white and lip shaped mirrors.... I took a couple of sneaky pics....

sale stealing

Shamelessly stolen from Time Out but useful all the same!!!


OH my God!!!
This video by heidi montag from the hills is the worst thing i have seen in ages!!! its hilarious! filmed by the ever-creepy spencer i can't believe that they took this seriously!!!

on the other hand though I am completely loving the paris episode of the show and now I really really want to nip over to france for a weekend break!..

Miss Pettigrew had a little lamb

One of my dearest friends used to live at the top of Lambs Conduit Street, near Russel Square, one of the main joys of visiting her was therefore strolling down this lane (always on the way home as i am invariably late).

It is lined with gorgeous little delicatessans and cafe's and this amazing bookstore

Selling their own print runs of unrecognised classics (mainly by women authors) they are perfect for gifts or for really interesting books that you wouldn't find elsewhere.
An added bonus of course is that the books are beautifully bound in grey with fabric printed interiors and matching bookmarks.

One of my favourite buys from this store 'Miss Pettgrew lives for a day' by Winifred Watson, a lovely cinderella-esque tale I forced upon both my mother and grandmother is now being made into a film! Due for release this spring the pictures look gorgeous.... definately one to watch.

Politics Schmolotics

while i am not going to pretend to know anything about French politics, I do love Carla Bruni's outfit here on her UK visit with Nicolas Sarkozy.... tres chic....

However..... the same can not be said of the Queens centrepiece!!! how hideous is this!!!

She obviously doesnt want to talk to anyone on the other side of the table...... and whats with the pinneapples!!!


....Is a dangrous dangerous site!

Whilst I am always disappoined with their clothes cut and quality it is just so damn cheap and convenient! I am currently lusting after this huge selection of bits!...

Daytime reading

Whilst my current office job is a never-ending source of complaints it has also inspired some reading material that i wouldn't otherwise be drawn to.

Namely other people's stories of dissatisfaction at work and at the sim-like existence that we all now inhabit.
Some recent winners have included JPOD by Douglas Coupland...

Then we came to the end, by Joshua Ferris...

(this was quite funny.... )

and I am currently reading Affluenza by Oliver James... I haven't got very far yet though... and while his points are a bit obvious:

'constantly comparing your lot with others, especially those who have more than you, is not a perscription for feeling safe.'

It is still quite interesting, and will hopefully inspire me to clear some of my clutter and stop craving quite so many new clothes...

Employment is Overrated

After finally deciding that paying the rent is not as vital as my sanity I gave in my notice at work yesterday. Only to have it given back to me by my (recently fired but still working his notice) boss. Apparently I should find a new job first and then quit… well duh! I don’t think he realises just how intolerable it is in the office!

For those of you unacquainted with my daily whinge about work I am currently working in the city as a PA for two incompetent directors who are always at each others throats. I hate it! So much that upon slamming the phone down one day it smashed.

However, while my desperation to leave is great, so is my materialistic side (and the panic stricken bill and rent paying side) so I am currently in job hunt mode! Rest assured however that my resignation letter is still in my top drawer ready to action, providing a little light at the end of the tunnel

Baking Boyfriend

My lovely boyfriend helped with a spot of baking over the easter weekend...(no he didnt wear an apron.. although i am regretting this slightly!)

We made a terribly rich chocolate cake and this orange cake from living etc... (although our icing wasnt quite as neat)

it turned out remarkably well!

if only we had this beautiful cake stand to display it on...

Cravings and Chloe

After a lovely bank holiday Monday strolling around Selfridges with my friend Becky (the perfect browsing buddy!), I am now seriously craving Chloe Sevigny’s clothing line… when I first saw the look book pictures I wasn’t overly impressed but in reality…. Mmm

Developed for opening ceremony, a NewYork boutique and available (duh!) at Selfridges the clothes are not cheap but are also quite timeless, in particular I am after this cute floral dress.

A lookbook that does inspire irrational desperation for all items enclosed however is Toast. If I actually lived in the ridiculously rural idyllic setting I may go insane but it does not stop me believing that if only I could afford these wide leg trousers then my life would be slightly better!!!

Following on from yesterdays early halloween images my friend Gemma's pictures for her recent collection are also on the spooky side!

photos by Malcolm Pate.

Be sure to check out Gemma Slack's stuff when she graduates this summer.
While browsing through Luella's A/W collections I noticed a striking similarity to a recent shoot Jacob K did for 10 mag...... does this mean we'll all be donnning our halloween outfits for the duration of winter..... could be fun!

things that are making me happy today.....

1) looking forward to the spring and hanging out in the sun

2) the Stas Me Easter egg head from waitrose!
3) planning shoots with my friend and photographer Tom

4) putting people i dont like out with the trash!
5) the prospect of a long weekend

6) My boyfriends good luck texts

Over the rainbow

I love this image found on 'a picture is worth a thousand words' blog.... it reminds me of the wizard of oz and the houses blowing around in a tornado..
on the other hand... how scary to be up there on a windy day!

Kate Moss

Sooo.. Kate Moss's spring/summer line for topshop launches today. While I would not run down to the store and snatch at rails there are a few pieces I am lusting after... Namely.. this cute sundress,

and boyfriend blazer...

available online from today...
oh well, if they are still there come pay day then it was meant to be!

Somewhere Better

hopefully my little scaps and thoughts will remind you of somewhere better..... or help make each day somewhere better itself.


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