in love with pedlars

i love pedlars

they do customised lightboxes...

A double deckchair.. how romantic!

and fab bunting! x

Hair Envy

I am in love with this girls hair.. even thinking of going blonde again!...

Emma from SandyCandy

The notebook

in keeping with my screen fashon icons theme I would love an entire wardrobe of Allie's clothes from The Notebook. I was convinced into watching this by two friends and can't believe it took me so long!.. the 40's fashion is so pretty!


craving a mini kilt aka Corey in empire records.. oh the 90's comeback has hit me hard!

On the other hand I'm going to see Anvil! tonight.. not likely to covet any of their outfits! x

Sorry :(

Apologies for being the worst blogger ever.. I was quite ill for a while with flu.. then really busy with work and I just kept putting it off.. UNTIL NOW!..

new start!... apart from being ill and busy I have fallen in love with Twin Peaks!.. addictive!
I think Audrey is the best character.. played by Sherilyn Fenn she has the best style and i'm even tempted by her haircut! x


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