Bruno Dayan.

another photographer im loving at the mo.....
i love the tights in this image....

and the rabbit hat in this one!

Hairy Mclary....

at the moment my hair is an outgrown version of these....

i cant decide whether to just grow out my frnge, keep it the same, or go for the chop to shoulder length hair?!...

found images.... (again!)

I have pictures stuck all over my ugly plywood doors in my flat.... random ones, from magazines or printed from the net, mixed in with photos of my friends and family.

I usually forget where i have found most of these pictures, however while browsing photographers websites at work i found at least 6 of them which I have scattered about are by the same photographer!... Stefania Paparelli

Her pictures are very lula (thats probably where i ripped them out from) in a hazy dreamy romantic sense but are very pretty... xx

these are the ones i have on my doors...


oooh.... this shop found via oh joy
sells such cute (and a few wierd) bits!! x hand soap, cross stitch bowls and the cupcake bowls are my faves. xx

white houses

Although I dont think i could do it myself.. (i have far too much clutter) i love all white houses, especially white floorboards... i like the pink and white theme running through this house in london.

New Year

I am finally back after a rather extended holiday from blogging. Apologies, but I have just felt like hibernating and nothing has really inspired me too much yet this year!... Saying that though I have been extremely busy catching up with friends and trying to not let the weather be too depressing!.... I will also eventually start on my new year resolutions! I am going to
1) Learn French
2) Learn to Swing Dance
3) Go out a little less so my flat does not descend into tip territory
4) Make more things!

One of my first challenges of the New Year has been to find a bikini for a pool party this saturday... I love this one from Pistol Panties.. but it is a bit too expensive for a post christmas purchase!


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