flat finding

Flat hunting is such hard work!... i spend my days skiving off work to flat hunt and rushing off early to view them!.. can't wait until we get somewhere!.. especially as i have to move in 2 weeks now!....
we are hoping to have found a flat in Belsize park now - the outside is very ugly, reminiscent of a 70's holiday villa, concrete with yellow and blue painted stairwells!.. hmm... however the location is amazing and its lovely and spacious inside with a great kitchen - we have a 2nd viewing today...
one thing the flat does have in its favour though is a little balcony with table and chairs on - perfect for breakfast or dinner in the summer (although i think we may have had our summer for the year!)

Anyway - i have done my usual thing of jumping ahead of the game and already planning planting!.. there was a bit in Elle deco a while ago which reccomended scented planting..

..Geraniums, Honeysuckle, Artemisia, Jasmine, roses, Rosemary, Sage, Lavender, Thyme, Bay... yes please to them all!!!!

The Good and Bad of the weekend....

Good: Spent the weekend at Secret Garden Party... it was really relaxing and had a great chilled out time.. I got to see Au Revoir Simone and go on a boat trip and in a ball pen! ... fab!

Bad: Found out our lovely flat (which we had already put a deposit on!) has gone to someone else who gave the landlord 6 months rent in advance directly and not through the agent :( ... so upset as we had really set our heart on this flat and now need to carry on the search!

Moving (AGAIN)

I am moving house again!.... I have only been in Brixton for a year and love my gorgeous big flat but the boyf and I have decided to move in together!.. oh my god! truly scary!... and yet so amazingly exciting!... we can't affrd much but are really keeping our fingers crossed for this tiny but cute little basement flat in gorgeous Hampstead.... not much now but so much potential!

i'm in LOVE

You can buy polaroid Holga's!! WoW

Monogrenade: Ce Soir

This poetic stop-motion music video for French-Canadian band Monogrenade's track Ce Soir was directed by Christophe Collette

Hop Farm

last weekend i went to Hop Farm festival in Kent - everyone got heatstroke and was ill.. my boyfriend and I argued.. the security guards were idiots... we still had fun though!! xx

Planning for the weekend

I am really looking forward to a quiet relaxed weekend this weekend...

I am planning on a quick trip to Borough Market,

picking up some breakfast on route to a friends new house for some D.I.Y and putting up blinds..

then on to see a friends band play..

no doubt do some silly dancing...

then sunday.. if the weather is nice:

a wander around the river..

onto camden for more friends bands..


I've lived in Brixton for around a year now and am slowly discovering little cafe's bars and shops that I like and that don't fit in with the Brixton cliche..... two of which are featured in this weeks Time out!.. fab!...
the first, Rosie Cafe is a little Delil Cafe at Brixton Market, it opened five years ago and the owner has just published a book called 'spooning with Rosie', styled like a cross between a fifties corner shop and a boudoir the cafe is definately worth checking out...
14e market row, sw9 8ld

the other is book mongers, a second hand ramshackle bookshop on coldharbour lane. opened in may 1992 by boston emigre and former social worker patrick kelly..... good for a rummage.
439 coldharbour lane brixton, sw9 8ln


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