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I love this idea of recreating old images at young me Now me
off to do my own post! x


Apology and a Birthday

Yesterday was one of those days!.. (no, not the good ones!... ) the type of day when everything goes wrong and i stomp around in a mood for no reason like a three year old!.
It began when i slept through my alarms... all of them!.. the first 'you need to start waking up now' one, through to the 'get up now if you want a shower' one and then even the 'if you dont leave now you will be very late' one.

i was very late. i dressed very messily in trousers and a shirt (i never wear trousers). the tube decided i could be later and had none of my trains. the tube station at the other end decided i could be later still and wouldn't let anyone out of the barriers. starbucks just laughed at my grumpy need for a coffee and had a queue out of the door.

eventually i arrived at work and spent the day trying to clear out the office (we are moving to a new studio soon) - the desk got cleaned, bin bags filled, i got dusty and frustrated. at lunch time i got rained on - a lot!!

after work - also in the rain (the messy trousers that i never wear now soggy around my ankles and soaking up more water rapidly) i ran to Heals to try to buy a rolling pin to cheer myself up. it was closed. the handles broke on my 'bag for life' food bag, which i was now forced to hug to my chest and i grumpily stomped home.

my friend eleanor was coming to bake and have dinner - a great way to cheer up a miserable day i thought!. ... i forgot eleanor doesn't eat red meat! i made beef burgers!... i am a bad friend!

we drank red wine - the evening got better - we baked - better still!.. we sat down to watch a film... i fell asleep!

like i said i am a bad friend!

sam woke me up when he got home. many hours later... eleanor was gone.

I am so sorry Eleanor!

i have done this to her before.... on pancake day.... i arrived hours late... and fell asleep on the living room floor!... definately making too much of a habit of this!...

Today is eleanor's birthday. she is a wonderful friend, lovely, talented (check out her jewellery.. )and fellow baking lover.. we are going out on friday to celebrate. someone remind me to bring pro plus! xx

Sorry and Happy birthday lovely! xx


Miniature worlds

I found about the Amazing artist Matthew Albanese from this blog his photographs are amazing enough in themselves before you realise that they are made from miniature models!... this takes warcraft modelling to a whole new level!.



eeek etsy!

ok ok.. so these are two of my newest etsy deliveries.. i love that site far too much!..

the gorgeous little luggage is from landing gear; apparently the cleanest vintage luggage shop!.. it did come with a cute little lavender sachet in, prompting my boyfriend to remark that it smells of 'herbs'.. humph.. men!

the other is these really cute polka dot gloves...from splendor in the trash, i have no idea what i will wear them with but i love them!

Fashion Film

I just watched Yang Fudong's Prada film 'first spring'. it is strangely entralling.. wierd in places, (i dont really like seeing the wires of the men in the air!) but still beautiful. I love the suitcases that the men are carrying and it is a good mix of the collection and traditional dress. as the stills from the film are the s/s campaign it really emphasises to me how fashion is moving much more toward film than photography. x

Cup Conversions!

i have the definate urge to bake something tonight!... i find it so relaxing after a stressful day to concentrate on something that results in eating!..

I've been using lots of American recipes recently and find converting from cup measurements a complete pain..

apparently 240 ml is 1 cup but it always feels wierd to be measuring flour in a jug not on scales!... i think i may go and buy these Nigella measuring cups from John Lewis to make things easier!



I am tired today... really looking forward to the weekend... or even just getting home tonight really!

yesterday however was good..two new exciting packages from etsy (i'll put the pics up tomorrow!), the shoot went well, (here is me posing not as well as Jaimie Winstone) and then S and I went for dinner in camden followed by mad men at home.. x




20 years of Twin Peaks

Wow, I didnt realise Twin Peaks was 20 years old!.. theres an interesting article about it here ...
i have the first season on DVD, and the second downloaded (i cant wait for it to be available on dvd again!.
I love the wierd characters, 80s fashion and eerie music... maybe not in the film though - thats a bit too scary!. x

my favourite character is Audrey, red lipstick, 50's styling and a bit messed up! who i blogged about here



some of my travels...

Thailand 2005

Morocco 2006

Rome 2007

Avignon 2007

Val Thorens 2007

Dublin 2008

Cornwall 2008

Paris 2008

Belgium 2009

Blackpool 2009

Berlin 2009

roll on 2010.. Mallorca, Avignon, hopefully skiing and who knows where else! x

it's the weekend!

Yay! its the weekend!

Tonight i am going to the Callooh Calloy Bar - i cant wait!.. they do cocktails.. have a secret passage way, and have gramaphones full of alcohol! great!




Domestic Sluttery have done a wonderful post on clouds..
lovely items but not sure i'd buy any of them.. i would however wear this lovely cloud print dress at libertys by vivienne westwood. x

and this cute cloud necklace on etsy


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