Is anyone else on Chictopia? .... A site where you can post outfits and comment on others.. I love outfit posts on others blogs but am always a bit too nervous (and not a good enough photographer) to post them on here... Chictopia seems like an easy way to break myself in and get used to taking daily pictures... hopefully more will wind their way up on here too xx

Weekend Wedding

this weekend my friend Jess got married! Although I love looking through wedding blogs and planning weddings would definitely be an amazing fallback career, your friends getting married definitely makes me feel old!... i am now 'of that age!' xx

It was a really beautiful and intimate day in a gorgeous hotel in wales - very picturesque! x congratulations Jess. x

Kings Speech

Last night Alice and I went to go see the Kings Speech - it was great, i'd definately reccomend it.. its quite a quiet film though so watch it with the popcorn!... the lady in front of us kept scowling at us! xx

many many hours on a coach later ...

i am home. skiing was amazing - sam has gone off to cannes for Midem though so i am back alone :( missing him already! x


we are doing it!... all booked, packed and off we go for a week in Val Thorens! x

Boardwalk empire

Just as I thought nothing could replace Mad Men, Sam have and I started watching Boardwalk Empire - it is brilliant! x

new years D.I.Y

Some D.I.Y I hope to finally get done in the new year...

Paint my Kitchen cupboards white - My flat is rented so fingers crossed my landlord will agree!
Choose a nice shower curtain - I know this doesn't really count as D.I.Y, We always have a completely see through curtain as I get a bit claustophobic and psycho scared in the shower but i think it is time to get a pretty one!

make some more padded hangers - I tried before and they looked especially awful - but they are so expensive to buy!

find a nice laundry bin or stool with storage in

maybe sew a curtain to cover the bin in the kitchen (is this just too impractical!?)

Same Pattern, New Dress

Today I am wearing one of my favourite day dresses, bought at Absolute Vintage it is the exact same pattern as my purple one! amazing! x



Did anyone used to have a Myspace Page? while I love Twitter and Facebook I really think it's a pity that no-one really uses myspace anymore. It was easily customised and gave you the opportunity to have a blog on there too! Maybe it's time for a revival! x The Image above was my Myspace Background.

Tea for Two

How cute is this teapot set!... it makes me want to go to one of those pottery painting shops and make my own :) x (except sam doesn't drink tea... tea for 1?!) x

Museum of Everything

This weekend I finally got around to going to the Museum of Everything no.3... despite only behind down the road and it having been open since October, I had yet to go and thank goodness they extended the opening by a few weeks!

The exhibition is pop artist Peter Blakes collection of collections!
Anything from punch and judy puppets to a shell grotto!
you weren't allowed to take photos inside, the penalty being death, or £1000 depending on the sign! but is a sneak preview on youtube..

The exhibition really was great, with the highlight (for me anyway) definately the taxidermy. Whilst some of the situations the animals were in was a little odd I still love them and would love to have something in my house - maybe a little mouse under a glass dome!

They have a really cute shop and tea shop also on site and the little notes and handwritten guides on the walls are great - definately go while you still can! x

Location Houses

I love choosing locations for shoots.. browsing the houses on location sites is just so much fun! I love this one complete with its own Airstream!

Cloud Association

Always have to appreciate a bit of cloud love :) check out this great post over at Tea for joy :)

Suitcases as furniture

I dont think i will ever grow tired of vintage suitcases - they are just so beautiful and romantic. We have three stacked up for storage, another on top of my closet to hold tights, a hat box and one to just use - however i could easily buy more - i love how thy are so practical as well as being beautiful! x


I'm thinking of getting one of these as my next tattoo... i already have love on my wrist and trust on my ribs... which is your favourite?


sorry for the lack of posts over the past few weeks - I have been feeling horribly ill and havent done much except for watch films!


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