2 new mags!!!

New magazines!!!
as if there weren't enough!! (actually there are never enough!)

Online magazine Ponystep goes live today....

Created by Richard Mortimer, the founder of club night BoomBox, this magazine should prove interesting ...
Also the BBC launches online ethical fashion magazine Thread

apparently this one is aimed at 'fashion conscious individuals who care about where their clothes come from'. hmm jumping on the eco bandwagon does spring to mind.... The magazine covers a range of issues from the environmental footprint of clothing manufacture to the impact of the fashion industry on human and animal rights. Thread was launched on April 22 in conjunction with Blood, Sweat and T-Shirts, a four-part BBC series which documents six young fashion lovers who head to India to experience making clothes for the British High Street.... carbon footprint anyone!!!???

pulling faces

I love old london architecture and am never much of a fan of all the new 'landmark towers' that keep popping up.... so I am always pleased when the look of old london is kept, even in part.
I have noticed a lot of londons buildings now consisting of the shell of an old one with modern interiors and saw this one on the way home on sun....

i love how the windows are all now redundant, unable to look out of them either way, yet still lovely. While its a pity that the whole building isnt been kep at least it wont be another all glass and metal eyesore to look at!

summer time


I could blog about etsy all day every day as its sellers are just so wonderful and inspiring - i could literally buy something from all of them.... but in my heartbroken state the gorgeous romanticism of these necklaces from ragtrader are top of my wish list.

Cheap thrills

i love this dress..... but it feels so wrong.... Its from Littlewoods!!!!

Pajama Party

Pajama Party.

This post is a little delayed, and out of date by now but I wanted to post it anyway. X

Personally I love the idea of wearing my pajama’s all day. No worries about what to wear, I could just roll out of bed and to work…. If it wasn’t for the weird looks…. Unfortunately I don’t think I could get over the terrible paprazzi ‘why are you shopping in your pj’s’ image.

Well Pajama influences have been on the catwalk for a while now, with blue stripes, baggy trousers and oversized shirts but this season they are a bit more in abundance.. and in men’s fashion too!

Now this is one mens fashion I don’t see taking off… men can dress so casually and easily already, why reduce this down to night wear! However… after a washing machine disaster last week, resulting in no dry trousers my (ex) boy was forced to try the look out as he gallantly strolled out to work wearing my PJ bottoms!!

How brave! I would never leave the house in them myself! He didn’t even seem to mind that much (apart from a few weird looks) Maybe the trend will take off after all!

cut along the dotted line.....

ooohh..... so apparantly Graduate Fashion Week has announced a new award for Creative Cutting, with sponsorship from the British Fashion Council.

The new award will celebrate students with outstanding technical prowess in the art of cutting and will be judged by Anne Tyrrell, BFC Colleges Council Chair, and an as-yet-unconfirmed designer, while the award will be presented by Harold Tillman, BFC chairman.
"The British Fashion Council is delighted to sponsor a new Graduate Fashion Week award for Creative Cutting. Many designers, including Alexander McQueen
and Hussein Chalayan,
established their reputations as leading British designers through combining creativity with technical expertise," said Hilary Riva, chief executive, BFC.
hopefully this will encourage more McQueen's Puhlease!!!! x x x

Graduate Fashion Week is sponsored by River Island and will take place from June 8-11, celebrating the work of over 1,000 BA degree fashion students from 49 UK universities.

Little Frogs


By far my favourite flower..

Name: Pronounced ran-UN-kew-lus. The Latin name ranunculus means "little frog".

Origin: The Middle East, hence their alternative name "Turban Buttercup". They have tuberous roots and hollow stems.

Colour: A wonderful array of colours, yellow, white, red, pink, orange, and and copper, either peony flowered or open flowered, with dark or yellow centres.

Availability: Winter and spring.

Family: Ranunculus belong to the Buttercup family (Ranunculaceae) and is the cultured cousin of the Marsh Marigold.

Care Tips: Remove all foliage, recut stems and change water regularly. The stems are inclined to buckle. If you don't want them curvy, insert a flower wire to keep them upright.


Mythology: In fairy tales frogs are apt to change into princes and it was an Asian prince in just such a story who gave his name to this flower, which grows naturally in swampy ground. The prince was so good-looking that he was loved by everyone. He also had a beautiful voice but this was his undoing. He loved the open country and sang delightful songs in the presence of nymphs. He did not have the courage to declare his love to them and this haunted him so much that he died. After his death he was changed into the flower with delicate tissuey petals which bears his name.

Language of Flowers: Meant "you are rich in attractions" to the Victorians.


ladybird, publisher of much loved childrens books have now made the old classic illustrations and covers available as prints and canvases. One look on the website and my childhood memories instantly come flooding back. they are so adorable! perfect for gifts or decorating a childs bedroom.

Death and Vintage

Ghost Whisperer, with Jennifer love hewitt is one of my favourite TV shows. Don't get me wrong I'm not sci-fi fanatic or particlualy bowled over by the 'afterlife' heavy storylines but the clothes are fantastic. Jennifer's character owns an antique store and therefore is decked out in beautiful vintage 50's frocks and coats. She always looks amazing and have extremely enviable hair!
Well it looks like Hollywood have done it again, with Anna Friels new TV show Pushing Daisies. Although I havent seen any episodes yet, and once again the 'dead wife' storyline doesnt exactly thrill her clothes look great. definately worth watching for the fashion alone.

I wonder why fashion and death work together so well!

Designer Love

Spring and love are in the air, and what better clothing to flounce around in that Nathan Jenden's Spring 08 collection.

Educated at Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art and now working as creative director at Diane Von Furstenburg, Nathans girly prom dresses combined with Huge bows and chiffon make the perfect romantic statement. While his fall collection was a little too scary and black for my liking his spring pieces are just so romantic and pretty....

Carl Bengtsson

OOh, Im a sucker for washed out pretty pictures and these ones by Carl Bengtsson are just lovely.
Im loving the model and red hair band too.


Another Monday at work....

Today my boss actually had a go at me for being on time! Apparantly I am to arrive even earlier than my 8.30am start time and work even longer unpaid.....Fun!

Right now I want to do this....

and then this....

but it will have to wait....

White Weekend

I had the most lovely Sunday morning, after waking up at the ridiculous time of 8am, despite my best efforts at a lie in i decided that i would embrace the snowiness and go for a walk.

After strolling through the park and comparing the snowman making that was going on I picked up a paper and decided to have a relaxing breakast at borough market... except that nothing opened until 10am! however i moseyed on down to the garrison on bermondsey street and scoffed french toast with banana's maple syrup and bacon... mmmmm.

Bermonsey street really does have the cutest restaurants. the garrison is decorated really tweely and does amazing food... (the macaroni cheese is yummy)

I saw this light in one of the weekend supplements a couple of weeks ago (the guardian weekend i think) and I love it..

I am such a sucker for items used in different ways, (i have a teapot lamp) and this looks great ( shame about the price tag though) I wonder if i used any old hat if it would work or set on fire.....
Jeeves Hat Light by Jake Phipps

Grey Leather

A while ago there was the most gorgeous mens leather jacket in Gap..... perfect for my boyfriend.. and for me to nick from my boyfriend.

We tried it on, admired it, stroked it.....
however, one small problem, it was £300!

We left, I moaned, I begged, I subsequently dreamt about said jacket...

Until, a friend started working in Gap, and offered us a 30% discount.

Off I tottered... only to find out they were sold out! everywhere!!

Dismayed I tried to resolve myself to the fact that it just wasn't meant to be.. Until this weekend when I saw this ad....

and found this on the Levi's website.....

However.... it is still £300!.... anyone want to get a job at Levi's????

in the trenches

I am hankering after a vintage short trench, however i already have this madeliene-esque hooded coat, which for all intents and purposes should be fine ... however its a bit.. 'ooh look at this big coat i'm wearing', anyway here is a bad fuzzy picture and i'm going to do my best to just wear it more often (as in at all!)


the first sign of sun and i am seriously craving this.....

Today I am battling a killer hangover and cannot possibly face any work.... so instead I am browsing the high street online!
Current Lusts include:

Urban Outfitters:


New Look..

American Apparel...

yes please!


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