Cockney Cashpoint

One thing I was not expecting upon moving east was to have to learn a new language! But, low and behold.. even the cash points are in Cockney!....

How to live in limbo.....

Along with my blog being in limbo, so recently has my life been - I moved out of my flat over a month ago, and have been staying at friends, with all my belongings in storage. Whilst it is so amazing of my friends to have put up with me, living out of a suitcase is starting to take its toll... However, there is light at the end of the tunnel... In July I move into a new apartment, and this time I get to build walls! - which has of course launched a pinterest wall obsession! It has also meant that I haven't had access to my usual array of pastimes,.. instead here are a few of my suitcase friendly favourite things...

Firstly: the Suitcases themselves...

If you are going to live out of suitcases, try to make them stylish...

Secondly: Dresses... not only essential daily wear but an easy way of personalising a temporary space.

Thirdly: A few wildcards.... just to cheer me up, i dont wear yellow prom dresses often enough!

Finally: A sewing kit... if in need of a way to kill time sewing - either a new project, or long overdue clothing repairs is brilliant!

Maria xx


All Change... I have neglected this blog, and a lot of other things for far too long - I am sorry. There have been many changes in my life recently.. more to come.. and hopefully, soon, they will be reflected on here. 

Christmas in March

Back in December I signed up for Pretty much Penniless's Secret Santa... and dutifully sent off my gift... the lovely Amy fromWolf Whistle eventually cracked and let me know that she's bought mine... but after months of nothing arriving, the post office not being able to find it and the person who it was eventually delivered to being away I only just received it yesterday! which, I think, is even better! a surprise march present! Awesome! ... and it really is awesome!... THANK YOU so much Amy! what a present!... it was never ending!

It is literally an entire outfit! that all goes together... outfit post to come! xx

xxx Merry Christmas! xx


whilst I have been dreadful at blogging recently I still manage the occasional tumblr post.. and am getting slowly addicted to pinterest! x
follow me ;)

Castle Gibson


Yesterday we were lucky enough to nab one of the spots at the Superette/Castle Gibson Pop up Sunday Roast.

Held at a secret location (erm.. MC Motors) and entry through password... 'oink oink'! Superette served up (if rather belatedly) huge yummy Sunday roasts.

We had pigs head terrine to start then 'Essex Bird' for 4 for mains. Yum. Best of all we then got to sample some of the new cocktails in the soon to open secret Bar downstairs. x


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