Wintery Weekend....

Even though we had no snow this weekend the tube strike has still managed to bring my Monday morning to a halt... the overground, which i didn't think would be effected was non existent this morning so i am cosy at home, working on my laptop.
I may even put up christmas decorations later while I have the chance as this weekend i finally started to feel seasonal!...
It was the Hampstead christmas market yesterday and a ridiculously good celeb spotting opportunity!... Ricky Gervais was there, wearing the exact same outfit at Sam, Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton, and of course Jonathan Ross who turned on the lights... I was more excited by the mulled wine and reindeer though...

In the evening we travelled out of london to see Chris Barber.

Playing with a full 11 piece band it was Amazing!... everyone was ridiculously talented and to see them all live was really magical!.. Chris was wonderful as well!.. in the intermission he was out selling his own merch and signing autographs... he has such amazing stories and sense of humour. If you get the chance they are a must-see!

R.I.P Leslie Nielson :(

Wish list...

a couple of vintage items I cant stop thinking about..... to buy come pay day or to buy my family christmas presents??!!!

Gorgeous hat from Rizvi Millinery at the cockpit arts open studios £150

and Amazing lace vintage dress at Cloud Cuckoo Land, Angel £85

Wildfox Wow

It's not often that a lookbook properly makes me gasp.. The Spring 2011 Wildfox one though is gorgeous!... combining the lovely Marie Antoinette look but with enough modernity to stop it looking like everyone else's... LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! here are my favourites.. a lot of them!..... so prepare for a long post!!

ph: Emir Eralp

Models: Jennifer Pugh, Naty Chanbanenko, Daria Zhemkova

Make up: Carlene K

Styling: Emily Faulstich, Kimberley Gordon, Meredith Leyerzaph

Hair: Marki Shkreli


On Sunday I made my first trip to Spitalfields market in what seems like years!... After living on brick lane I got so fed up of the tourists and never changing stalls!... There was a new stall in the UP market which caught my eye though.. Galibardy selling really heavy chunky jewellery at very reasonable prices.... these are some of my favourites..

Polaroid necklace!.. that opens and closes! £24
Paper, Scissors, Rock necklace... I have a karen walker fist necklace that would go great with this £21

cute bow earings! £7

Mouse Trouble

I am currently perched atop my sofa with all lights on, keeping a stealthy eye on the door with a hammer in my hand! (i'm pretty certain I wouldn't use the hammer - but it makes me feel braver!)

All because, after settling down on the sofa with a headache to have a relaxing evening a mouse decided to run past, stop to look at me, then dash into the kitchen!...

I slammed the door behind it and continued to panic!... I have to admit my twitter friends suggestions have been great! Apparently chocolate and peanut butter are great lures, mint a deterrent, I'm not to panic and should put down traps! .... until I work up the guts to move though i'll be here for a while!

nosy tendencies

I love being nosy... not rudely so but in in an interiors fashion.. i love it when it is just starting to get dark and people haven't closed their curtains yet, i love interiors magazines, looking through other peoples houses and also of course blogs where you can see how others live... you can imagine my delight then at finding, through Sarah at The Enchanted Huntress 'what's in your bedroom' Olivia Howetts blog where she photographs bedrooms (not much of a surprise there) in a Selby style the rooms are eclectic, but even better, shot as they are everyday - i.e messy and untidy!.. i love it!

my favourite is Aphrodite's .. what can i say, i love clutter!

Unicorn Dream Magazine

I found about about Unicorn Dream Magazine from over at Lobster and Swan, (issue 2 features an interview with jeska from the blog) and was immedietly drawn by its name!.. who doesn't love unicorns and dreams!...

the quote on issue 3's front cover was also particularly compelling.. 'Dream what you want to dream: go where you want to go: be what you want to be, because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do.'

the magazine features lovely photography, interviews with inspring bloggers and my favourite 'letters to crushes' which are so sweet.

reasons for love

not that you need any reasons but I am feeling particularly soppy!

1. he buys me flowers. really. often. while i was in prague last week for work he even sent roses to my hotel room there. amazing!
2. he understands the need for a good hug.
3. he lets me be really annoying and doesn't hold it against me
4. when he's away he texts me goodnight (ok i asked him to do this but he still does ♥)
5. i can be myself with him

Love you sam

Tim Gutt

Just when it gets to the point that I think I should cancel my UK vogue subscription it comes out with a corker... December's issue has some fab party tips from my favourite ever Rita Konig and a lovely shoot by Tim Gutt.... definately tissuecloud-esque!.... new header!? xx

p.s sorry for the awful iphone pics!....


I cant believe its november already!.. where did october go?!

Is anyone taking part in Movember?!

'The rules are simple, start Movember 1st clean shaven and then grow a moustache for the entire month. The moustache becomes the ribbon for men’s health, the means by which awareness and funds are raised for cancers that affect men. Much like the commitment to run or walk for charity, the men of Movember commit to growing a moustache for 30 days. The funds raised through Movember’s UK campaign benefit the The Prostate Cancer Charity (TPCC), the UK’s leading prostate cancer charity.' the website also has prizes and events - definately check it out!


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