teenage Talent

I cannot beileve that this girl is only 15!! wow! ... check out her work at http://eleanorhardwick.com/


despite many events to convince me otherwise I am determined not to give up on love.. and to this purpose am going to buy this cute print from urban outfitters.. (as soon as i get paid! haha!) i feel if i srround myself with enough reminders of love then i hopefully won't be so pessimistic!!!

cornwall capers

I spent the rather wet and windy weekend on the beach in cornwall... tres idyllic with a gorgeous beach hut and plenty of cream teas. xx

Decorating Dilemna

My new flat means new decorating options....somehow no matter how much stuff I own a new flat requires new purchases.... my new flat is in desperate need of some old vintage suitcases to stack on top of my wardrobe and other little bits and bobs.. Zara home have some cte pieces that will no doubt clutter any space nicely...

i love white scandanavian spaces however my walls are already beginning to look like this, as I have far too many pictures and I can't bear not to have them out on show!!

I am even considering painting my walls pink, instead of my usual grey-white! goodness!!!

I will buy you a new life....

Goodness!.... i am sorry for the absence of posts, and have to warn you that they may continue to be a little random for the next week but I now have a new job and a new flat! all is change! I am now working for the photographer Tim Bret-Day...and am staying in London (woohoo - no Dubai!!)

Anyway so I am yet to set up my internet etc at my new flat which is somewhat annoying, but everyone should make it down to this great Jumble sale at the weekend... it has live bands and cake and as it is off brick lane on Sunday it os very conveniently located for all the markets! x

another world...

A friend sent me a link to the photographer franziska von stenglin a while ago but I have only just had a chance to take a peek... while there is not much on the site a couple of the party pictures have a certain humour to them which i find appealing..

and there is an interesting series of interior shots, while while they may be a little dull on their own look fantastic in the context of an abandoned buildings windows... a view onto a forgotten time...


goodness! everything definately happens at once!

Yesterday I was offered a job as a Fashion writer... In Dubai!

I have no idea whether to do it or not, I would love the job and the sunshine would be nice, but I would really miss london, its music scence and quirkiness, my friends and one special boy.

What on earth shall I do?


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