Why do children want to grow up? Because they experience their lives as constrained by immaturity and perceive adulthood as a condition of greater freedom and opportunity. But what is there today, in America, that very poor and very rich adolescents want to do but cannot do? Not much: they can "do" drugs, "have" sex, "make" babies, and "get" money (from their parents, crime, or the State). For such adolescents, adulthood becomes synonymous with responsibility rather than liberty. Is it any surprise that they remain adolescents? ~Thomas Szasz

A Very British lunch break

As i'm sure most of you already know my work has moved office from Oxford Circus to way out west!... My boss has bought a studio, which is at the moment a building site!...

So no more quick dashes to Topshop at lunch time for me.. the nearby area is rather desolate..

instead my nearest shops are a cycle ride away, down an autumny avenue with white picket fence houses.

to second hand book shops

then back for ginger beer and sandwiches :)


Seeing as the pictures are all over the place now and the shop launch out of the way I think it will be safe to share some behind the scenes from the shoot.

Our budget was teeny tiny for this one.. we had to street cast to keep down costs and actually used the ground floor of the illamasqua office to set up!

It was brilliant fun though.. some of the characters were amazing!


the crew...

Amazing shoes - i want these so badly!

these from dsquared arent bad either!

this girl was only 14! and brunette!.... so beautiful!

Campaign shots: Tim Bret-Day
Behind the scenes: Me!
Film: Paul @ Love Hate


Tonight I had my 2nd Lindy Hop class..
Previously Sam and I had beginners classes with the awesome Julie from Hula Boogie.. unfortunately we can't make the days of the next set so are instead starting beginners Lindy Hop with another Julie! from Jitterbugs... the classes are really brilliant - although I still have 2 left feet! .. i need to practice a lot more I think! x


Maybe I'm a little biased as I live in NW3 but how gorgeous is the A/W Hobbs!? A bit pricy but the shapes and colours are lovely and the heel heights look really wearable. I also really love the 60s vibe in the hair and styling of the campaign.
These are my favourite pieces...

A bit of Fry...Live

Last night we went to go and see Stephen Fry live at the Royal Albert Hall... it was such a wonderful evening, first we had cocktails and dinner at One Ninety, the restaurant at the Gore was really lovely, i had salmon and gnocci.. yum, and definately the closest restaurant to the Royal Albert Hall!

Then we headed over to watch the show.. I love how the architecture at the Royal Albert hall makes the evening feel so special! We were in the stalls and had a really great view. The first half Stephen told stories from his childhood and then after the interval related stories of people he had met. He was so funny and really good at impressions. I loved his comparison of Cadburys with Apple and 'Steve Cadbury'.... Also who would have known that Stephen Fry is a huge sugar puffs fan!

The Secret Ingredient!

The Secret Ingredient to sunday nights feast was live crayfish!!!

Bought from John the Poacher at the Underground Farmers Market, I had been pondering buying some the entire day.. he had a big tub of them in front of his stall wriggling about..

i love fresh crayfish, crab. lobster.. anything - and have no problems pulling them apart once cooked but I have never held one alive or cooked them myself before..

Sam was at band practice so i thought it would be a great surprise to have some at home for when he got back...
in order to conquer my fear beforehand i tried to pick one up using johns gloves... i failed.. they are so creepy looking with their spidery legs and giant claws!.. they were also bubbling at the mouths!.... euwww

John managed to find one that had lost its claws, thinking that i would feel much safer holding this one.... i did manage to hold it.. it kept moving its body like a caterpiller.. pulsing the muscle from one end to the next - really gross!.. then it suddenly jerked! i screamed!.. and flew it across the garden!.. this really should have been the warning sign!

instead, determined that i would able to tip them straight into a big pan of boiling water John triple bagged four up for me and i carted them off in the boot of Gaby's car (she wouldnt let them in the front!)

Once home Sam was suitably surprised (and rather horrified) at the dinner option so we set about boiling them...

one giant pan filled with boiling salted water later we thought it would be fun to film it.. camera in hand we tried to empty the wriggling bag into the water... except one was clinging on, i tried to shake it off and it fell on the work surface, then jumped on the floor!.. i screamed (again!) and promptly ran out of the kitchen.. the crayfrish was faster.. it was speedily heading for under the oven!.. panicking i shouted orders at poor sam who threw a bowl over its head and scooped it up with an oven glove.. only the bag was still trailing out of the water aswell.... as we tried to pull it out a half cooked crayflish flipped out with it!!!!..

so so horrible!!!. we eventually scooped them all in and cooked probably well over the reccomended time just to make sure that they were all dead!

they are currently still in the fridge... i did manage to eventually pull them apart but haven't quite bought myself to eat them yet!!

Underground Farmers Market

On Sunday my dear friend Gaby, following a wonderfully formal invite surprised me with tickets to the Underground Farmers Market.

Held at Ms Marmite Lovers house, the Market took over every room, stalls spilling out in the Garden and the shed at the back. I had heard of Ms Marmite Lover before and her wonderful Supper Clubs but never been lucky enough to go so I was super chuffed (and i got to see my lovely friend - which always helps!)

Ms Marmite's house is A-Mazing! I had complete house envy wandering around and felt a bit silly trying to take photos of everything in her house! ( a few highlights are below) every room was overflowing with wonderful stalls selling cakes, cheeses, vintage crockery and even days out, while a band played behind the bonfire in the garden.

I ate a delicious soup and onion bread from the girls at Make and Bake; Souped up, figs and creme fraiche on toasted brioche fro the Rambling Girls, lavender infused vodka and tonic (so delicious! from Brie at Hand to mouth Kitchen)and bought lots of goodies to take home for dinner, including amazing foccacia from Saturday Morning Bakery, who also do supperclubs.

I also bought a gorgous honeycomb butter dish from Bristol Vintage in the bedroom, who normally hire out vintage crockery for weddings and events.

Everybody there were so friendly and chatty which really made the day, as did the demonstrations taking place in the Kitchen. one of the stall holders, HandyFace, a wonderful blog explaining how to make cheese (actually really simple! - i am totally inspired) made ricotta for us all out of just lemon and milk and i bought some of his great Haloumi for dinner aswell, it was delicious, much less salty and rubbery than the supermarket stuff.

Another stall holder, Afternoon outings was selling beautifully made cards from the shed in the garden which contain little itineraries for a day out - such a beautiful idea.

I left having had a really lovely day, with so many ideas, a huge pile of food and prepared this feast at home.. with another secret ingredient!.. coming later!!!


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