suitcase love

I bought these at portobello last weekend... they are so lovely, fully lined and yet they smell of old people!


Last night i ventured to the Agent Provocateur DD launch party.... the show was great, really funny with comedy sketches intersperced with the models.
Daisy Lowe, Tiah and jodie harsh were among the models, who were appreciatively un-anorexic!

The underwear was of course skimpy, but so lovely! it definately inspired me to have an underwear clearout!

The bouncers were really rude however and the venue was a nightmare to get a drink or even get from one side of the room to the other! we had the luxury of V.I.P seating.. ooh!!...(with kate moss, kelly osborne etc!... scary yet I'm worried that I may be a little blase already as i'm not too fussed by celebs!)

I went straight from work so was wearing my cherry topshop dress... Duh!.. i so should have realised that Daisy Lowe would be in the show and that was the dress she was papped in loads! to make matters worse she emerged after the show wearing the liberty print topshop corset i have! Damn!

All in all a fab night though - we didnt leave too late and stopped off in picadilly to have our photos taken with some tourists! haha!

Frock Me!

Next weekemd (Sunday 5th Oct at 10am) a new series starts on T4 called Frock Me!..... hosted by Henry Holland and Alexa Chung it's a weekly 45-minute magazine show that will celebrate all things fashion and music.

The series will feature interviews with stylish celebrities and fashion icons who have inspired each show’s theme.Gemma Cairney will visit a different city each week, dispensing insider tips from the high street and attempting to find Britain’s wiliest wannabe stylists. Another regular feature will see two groups of friends customizing their jumble with Henry and his team of cutting edge designers and stylists until it’s fit for the show’s catwalk finale played out by the week’s band... Well.. for the first episode one of those groups is me and my friends!!! and Stylist Sam Ranger was the weeks head of teams!

We all went down yesterday, myself and 4 best buddies to spend the day poncing about and filming!.. I even shared a lift with Dita Von Teese!... The general idea of the show is that we take in bags of unwanted clothes (of course this is just after a massive charity shop clearout so i didnt have much left!) and then it is customised according to this weeks theme(ours was denim) we sat around cutting stuff (with no make up!.. they made us all take it off so that the transformation was more shocking) and then had to strutt our stuff in the new clothes!... we looked so silly but it was great fun and we all got to channel our inner zoolander.

The other team were some truly awful girls from peterborough who caked so much fake tan, make up ad hair extensions on it was ridiculous... i had to do the catwalk bit with their team so was a little annoyed as they had no sense of humour but it was still a great day!

Check it out
T4.. Sunday 5th Oct 10am!

(im the one in the flamingo dress and then the denim dress with giant bow!)


I am so so sorry that I have been the slackest poster ever!!... What with my new job, no internet at home and fashion week I haven't had a chance...... had to share this old numero shoot though by mattius vriens.. i love it!!!

Eat your Feet

sells the most gorgeous jewellery!..... i couldnt save any pictures but check it out!

one a penny, two a penny


I met a costume designer yesterday called Kate HalfPenny... as well as being lovely and having a great name she also designs some beautiful bee and bird jewellery and wedding dresses!!..

Check out her website...

t4 test...

ooh i might be on the telly!!!! I have a vt (?.. something to do with testing me on camera to see if i look fat or ugly)today with a t4 producer.... if they like me i get to bring a bag of old clothes to be customised by people far better at it than me then strutt my stuff on the programme.
Of course as luck would have it i got rid of all my old stuff... literally bags of it.. when i moved house, but im sure i still have a few wardrobe horrors somewhere!... im quite excited but also nervous that they will reject me today! if they like me ill post a clip on here!!

french connection

ooh.... im starting to get the shopping bug again... (is it the winter weather!?) french connection ahve some lovely bits at the moment!..


i'm doing a bit of research on stylists at the moment.. I'm normally so lazy that i love the pictures and dont check ot the names... oopsie!!!.. but i like these images by Ye Young Kim... x


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