new shoes...

my boyfriend bought me this playsuit as a lovely surprise fo working so hard recently!... however.. it didnt really fit right.. so i swapped it for these lovely shoes!! xx thankyou! xx

rhubarb cupcakes

last night i made rhubarb cupcakes.. yum!

i got the recipe from the blog coconut&lime which has some amazing recipes on it!..

i didn't bother with the frosting and used tinned rhubarb as i couldn't find any fresh but they are very very yummy!!!


label cravings!

designer vivi ponti 60's inspired third line - s/s 10 called vivetta is available at fifi wilson, 1 godfrey st, sw3 3ta

i love it!
the shop also has some other cute bits.. lovingthis silk cardi!

tick tock.....

after not much sleep at all last night i now have at least a 22hr working day ahead of me.... (night shoot tonight!)


I am so tired today... typical of course when there is loads to do.. we are shooting all this week but i just want to crawl back into bed!

Perhaps it is because today is "Blue Monday" - Monday, 22 January - officially designated by a psychologist as the most depressing day of the year. It has been singled out by Dr Cliff Arnall, psychologist and former tutor at Cardiff University, who has used mathematical equations to reach his verdict.

also apparently mondays are always worse because "Our bodies work on a 25-hour clock so that - by the time we get to the weekend - we stay up later. That makes it difficult for us to go to sleep on Sunday and we wake up grumpy.' !!!

any excuse!! xx

Rain please tell him that I love him so....

sitting on my sofa cosy with a cup of tea, missing my sweetheart and listening to the rain and trees creaking in the wind. At some point I will gather the motivation to tidy the flat!


the new lego site is awesome!
called lego click

its like a youtube style idea and everyone can upload videos of their own lego exploits! xx

Sunday Movie

on sunday one of the films i watched was Miss Pettigrew lives for a day.... I have loved the book for ages and missed the film in the cinema so was thrilled that i got to finally watch it.

it was wonderful!.. i spent the entire film hugging my knees and grinning at my less than entheusiastic felllow (male!) watchers!

the set is gorgeous...

and the outfits!

many soups

we have been making lots of the soups at the moment.. in an effort to be healthy and have something hot!... last night we made broccoli and chilli.... mmm x

i love that soups are so easy to make and that you can pretty much use anything you have!... i made this one by frying some garlic, onion and two chilli's in a little butter, adding the entire broccoli (stalks and all!) topping with two kettles full of stock and leaving to boil before blending and adding a dollop of greek yoghurt when serving... we have left overs (i always have leftovers!) so tonight i might just mix some rice in. xx

hibernation begins.....

i am going to hibernate for the rest of january.. the horrific realisation that i still have three weeks until i get paid and have spent all this months salary over christmas has sunk in and i am in panic hibernation mode!!... lucky that i had a really great weekend to finish my month's spenditure on!

ice skating at somerset house on friday

new huge bed delivered on saturday..
out with the old..

in with the new..

mooching around town with dear friend bex... ethiopean dinner (!) for a friends birthday followed by pool, drinking and a house party...
eggs benedict with a friend on sunday morning and a hamstead stroll on which i picked up some books to read on my nights in!

then ikea and movies!


tonight we are having some friends over for an impromptu supper.. organised today!.. i love nights that that! x

im going to cook spaghetti with red wine, roast pepper, tomato and steak sauce! hope it works!


oh to live here..


ride this...

or this...

drive these....

carry this...

and dress like this....


one of my aims for 2010 is to find and buy as many vintage hat boxes as i can! x

Film night

last night i watched An Education... although the storyline wasnt quite as brilliant as i was expecting i still loved the costumes.. oh how i am lusting over the white and red dress! x

New Year!

ok.. after my first day back at work it's time to accept that the holidays are over :(

i had such fun, it snowed, we spent christmas entertaining all our family, went ice skating, lots of long walks, partied for new year and slept a lot!


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