New Buys

I just bought this Diana starter kit from Amazon, I'm not entirely sure what the perks of buying this over just the camera are!... it appears to include a book, flash, filters and interchangable frames but we'll soon see.

I'm hoping that it will arrive in time for me to take it to paris next week.

Jumble sale tomorrow!

Come down to this! x

Saturday 28 June 10 am - 3pm
Fenwick Hall
Fenwick Estate
128 Willington Road
London SW9 9NN

Now in its third incarnation the Jumble Sale is a fun day out making friends and picking up or selling cut-price second hand equipment, bric-a-brac, books and clothes.

Highlights of the day will include:
Cake baking competition
Balloon animal sculpture competition
Tea and cake stall and cafe
Adult bouncy castle
Guess the weight of the cake competition
Raffle with top prizes
Bring a cake for our cake baking competition and win something splendid, or dispense with the cooking and simply take tea at the refreshment stall.

Entry to this event is FREE for visitors and stall holders alike.


Both Ginny Branch (My favourite color is shiny) and SandyCandy have used yyellowbirds flickr pictures in their blogs recently and after a closer inspection I can definately understand why. The pictures have that lovely dreamy overexposed quality and the subject matters are just charming... here are a few of my favourites.. although there are so many its impossible to choose!


I am so sleepy today.... I long to snuggle up with a duvet and film.

One of my favourite films ever, and one that always inspires me to make a big mess with cardboard is the Science of Sleep.

This is by the absolutly amazing Michael Gondry and features Gael Garcia Bernal (he plays the drunken brother in babel)and charlotte Gainsbourg is the femal lead (surely reason alone to watch the film!). All the effects in the film are completely hand created and the making of the movie looks like such fun. Most of all though I just want a cardboard car (this is actually a wheelchair!) and fabric phone!

Mark Jenkins

I have long been a fan of Mark Jenkins' street art. His selotape srtuctures and people always make me laugh and I wish that more street carousel and art would pop up... unlike a lot of grafitti it is completely removable, does noone any harm and yet can raise a smile!

Wonderful weekend

What a fab weekend I have had.. although i now need a few more to recover....

From Fancy dress parties, to two gigs in one night and picnics in the park it was genuinely lovely - Thanks to everyoe involved! x

This was walking home sun 5am!

Make yourself at home

ooh.. somerset house courtyard is being turned into a massive living room for the london festival of architecute! - cool!

Between the 20th and 22nd June, visitors to the Edmond J. Safra Fountain Court at Somerset House will find it transformed with a full suite of over-sized furniture on a massive, colourful carpet, and will be invited, free of charge, to make themselves at home.

Jonas Unger photography

I love these images by Jonas Unger, the coloured backdrops remind me of a more sophisticated Topshop campaign!


so, I dread getting older, but it seems to happen anyway.

My current Birthday wishlist/what I will buy myself next payday! is these two beauties.. both from Urban outfitters and heartstoppingly gorgeous.

Love at first sight...

oh topshop.... how i love thee.....

however... I spent all my money at the weekend on this......

Vroom Vroom

There is absolutly no point me having a car in london, plus they are expensive... but I would still love one of these....

Fast Food

Although I dont really eat at fast food places I love pictures of them.... I think it is te retro englishness of the greasy spoons and the sleazyness of the big chains.... very stopout! I would love to shoot in one day (or lots of them.... ) and get a poor model really fat as she samples everything - fun!

cake carton

i love this idea (spied at a market off old st) of putting mini cupcakes in an egg box. it reminds me of saving any cardboard tubes or casing as a child for blue peter-esque craft ideas, only far cuter and a tad more sophisticated! I will definately be using this for a few picnics over the summer. ( I just need to start buying eggs now though)


I am sooo sleepy today.... If i got the tube home I would definately do this....

John Clang


I had never heard of until today, and after browsing the site I don't think its one I'll be visiting often.... it all looks a bit cheap and tacky! ... having said that his one dress is quite sweet.. and only £20.

so wrong - they're right!

i know i know.. stripper leopard print shoes! but i Love them!!!

from faith....
(although the stylist side of me does notice that this still life pic has a button hole on the strap and no button..... slack!)

oh dear!

I don't normally like to criticise celebrities too much.. goodness knows i go out looking terrible sometimes, but if i was going to the opening of the chanel boutique at hip store Dover street market, well, I like to think i'd dress up!

poor poor Laura Bailey though... i normally admire her vintage dresses and style so much, and the fact that she gets about town on a vespa can only be a good thing ... but what is she wearing!?

Who, really, can still get away with leggings? they are done, over, finished, it is not that cold anymore anyway! - i have a feeling though, from her emancipated frame that she cuold be wearing them to hide too skinny legs under her grandma's dress... eat something Laura! please!

wallet love...

when my bag was stolen and my beloved mulberry wallet along with it i thought i could never replace it with anything i would like quite as much (except of course the same wallet but its so damned expensive!)... however i have spotted another wallet in US marie claire (also mulberry) which is sooo gorgeous!
sorry for the terrible pic but its the pink one bottom left with two metal squares..... mmmmmmm - better start saving!

new haircut

i saw these on foto decadent and thought they were pretty amazing!! i like the bear best!
Artist: Nagi Noda

Photographer: Kenneth Cappello


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