this weekend I am moving to brixton... temporarily for a week at a friends then permentantly after that... having always lived central I am apprehensive about not being able to walk everywhere, or stagger home after a night out and as everyone keeps reminding me brixton is a notorious danger zone in london...
However, after having worked at the academy for a while in the evenings now i have warmed to the area and its vibrancy... we will have a lovely cute apartment that would cost a bomb in zone 1 and are wasling distance to brockwell park for jogs and the lido.... bring on the briston massive!!


for the lack of posts..

my apartment looks like this:

and my mind feels like this:

Weekend roundup!

Goodness what a weekend.. I am most definately in need of a long sleep and am not particularly looking forward to a week packing instead!

Secret Garden Party was the best of times... and the worst of times!
Highlights include: dancing on stage with the infadels, hanging out with a couple of my best friends, free food and drink courtesy of a lovely press pass!, boat trips and swimming in the lake, amazing weather and finding many hats....
Lowlights include: drinking to excess, losing my shoes and not remembering an entire afternoon during which i ruined my ex boyfriends set and made a complte fool of myself, losing many hats, toilets,and regrets!

All in all it was a good weekend but has definately forced me to do some serious self reflection and I am not the best drunk! so much that i am going to cut out alcohol completely for a long time, i'm not an alcohol or anything but, like many brits i do have a tendancy to binge drink, especially after a particularly stressful week and i really dont like myself when i hear what on earth i've been up to! roll on remembering the fun times and having less bad ones!

i heart daisy lowe

and her beautiful topshop dress....

Secret Garden Party

I am off to Secret Garden party today and will be camping in a field somewhere all weekend.
I can't wait.. I seem to have had a terrible run of bad luck lately and it will be really nice to forget about everything and dance like a crazy person!
I have packed some suitably sparkly/silly outfits and am planning how to smuggle my own alcohol in now... x

topshop have done it again...

oh, how i wish that these weren't sold out and i wasn't skint!

Rule Italia

I love these images from Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia 2005,(posted on Fotodecadent) a slight circus current, headwear and a distressed element combine all my favourite influences on pictures!

not so homeless...

I may have found a flat today... I will still be homeless for a week between places but what are friends for!!?
One of the best things about the new flat is that after all the haggling over the rent the Landlady said that she wouldn't be replacing all the furniture as she originally intended... for me this is great news as a few of the great pieces that are currently there include:

much better than ikea!!

Bag Lady

Thank goodness that after the crazy influx of 'i'm not a plastic bag' canvas jobbies someone is actually forcing us to use them instead of cluttering up our cupboards.

WGSN reported earlier that LA is banning carrier bags...

'Plastic bags will be banned from Los Angeles stores starting 2010, following a city council vote yesterday.

From July 1 that year, shoppers will have the option of either bringing their own bags, or paying 25 cents for a paper bag, Associated Press reported.

"We've gotten to a point where we need to act as a city, where we can have real results," said Councilman Ed Reyes, who proposed the bag ban. "We're trying to do it in a way where we can educate and inform the public of what we're doing."

The ban will reduce clean-up costs for the city, said Reyes. More than 2bn plastic bags are used each year in Los Angeles, the city estimates. Only 5% of plastic bags and 21% of paper bags are recycled in California.

The city council also approved a plan to replace polystyrene foam containers at all city buildings with paper products or reusable items by next year.

Plastic bags and foam food packaging comprise more than 30% of rubbish in southern California's waterways and do not biodegrade, according to the Bureau of Sanitation.'

Although Marks and Spencer already charges for plastic bags I think more cities and stores should take these steps to force people to remember that the anya hindmarch bags they bought ar not meant to be a fashion statement but an environmental statement.... it is pointless to own all these alternatives to carriers and not use them!

ok.... preach over!

almost ok

here are a few almost salvageable pics from the lot...

Dissapointing Diana

I finally received my photo's back from Snapy Snaps that I took on my Diana in Paris, However they have completely destroyed them!! I'm so dissapointed that after waiting so long and paying £76 they will need to be done again!

As the 120 film is continuous and doesn't have the modern frame cut off points snappy snaps stupid automatic machines didn't recognise each frames and they have printed half of each frame on different pictures! after a very lengthy and heated debate with the staff in which they agreed that clearly each half of the same shot was on different prints they still maintained that they couldn't do anything. I am so annoyed!

I finally let them agree to me marking up each shot on the negatives myself but they cant guarentee that this is what will be printed.. so somehow at the weekend, along with packing, flat hunting and running for charity i have to find the time to mark up all my films - so frustrating! .. here are a few examples of their wonderful work!!

Guerilla art

I'm sorry that my posts are a little irregular at the moment, since arriving home from paris I have found out that I need to move flat in two weeks!! as our landlady hasn't paid her mortgage... rather scary!
I have therefore been desperatley flat hunting!.. on the plus side though and met one of my oldest and best friends for dinner last night and she bought me the most amazing book....
its called Guerilla art kit and has all kinds of amazing ideas to brighten up peoples days by creating everything from moss graffiti to knitted tags, book leave-behind tags and my favourite 'you are here' stickers to paste anywhere! I cant wait to start working through it. x


these fabric covered letters in a store in paris are so cute.


I'm trying to have a major clearout and get rid of loads of clothes that i dont wear, however a few of them I love the prints, even if they are faded beyond repair.

I have therefore decided to re-use the fabric to make various bits and bobs including this adorable bird...

I spent the other night carefully cutting (and then not so carefully cutting) all the buttins off and i'm hoping to make the birds this weekend.. I'll let you know!


Home.. not so sweet home..

I am so sad to be back, and at work! Paris was absolutly lovely, the weather held out and we just pottered around drinking wine and eating crepes.
I ended up spending a ridiculous amount of money due to the strength of the euro and also ate too many maccarons but all in all a fantastic trip... I have to wait until thursday to pick up my diana pictures (ouch for the processing costs!) and i wont even know if they have come out until i receive them .. the tension!

Here are a few bad digital pics from the flea markets though!


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