Dinner and a Movie.. x

Bank Holiday!.. oh yes!!!!

This is what i did last monday... hopfully today will be as good.. (well it doesn't include work so cant be too bad!)

Work... on a gorgeous sunny day.. i nipped in my lunch break to American Apparel and picked up some cycling shorts (! yes i know!.. but they are to actually wear cycling!.. to cover my modesty when my dress flies up!) I also treated myself to a long sheer white sleeveless shirt. tres nice, i think it wll go well with my new vintage shorts! x

After work Sam and I made the most of the sunshine and ate dinner outside..

I had tomatoa salad and chips.. (salad on its own isnt a meal!)

Sam has pasta.. yum!

then we went home and ate m&s millionaires shortbread deserts drank desert wine from champagne flutes..
and watched back to the future!...


New Forest outfit

This is what i wore in the new forest..playsuit was £7 from H&M on friday lunchtime!.. bargain.. check out the horse themed belt!!.. bought in beyond retro on saturday mornign in brighton.. x

New Forest

On Saturday I went camping in the New Forest with my family. x

It was brilliant.. we had a huge bbq, drank lots, played lots of frisbee and explored.

I tried to get close to the wild horses and cows to photograph them but i was a bit scared!.. my brother and his girlfriend stroked them though!.. much braver than me!.

On sunday we wandered through the woods to the pub and found a tyre swing.. then we explored the cute little shops in the village (burley) before heading home.

Fabulous! xx




what a weekend!..

did everyone have fun!..i have a new app on my phone which is a hipstamatic camera!.. i am obsessed.. you can change the lens, flash and film!.. dont get me wrong i love love love my diana but its so expensive and difficult to get the film developed!... this app is just sooooo easy!!.. be prepared to be overloaded with images from it!!..

Here are a few from the beginning of my weekend in brighton!. gorgeous!.. (although not sure i'd be brave enough to go for a swim in brighton sea just yet!!) xx



I am going Camping this weekend in the New Forest, i am completely unprepared and dont even have a sleeping bag with me. I have my bag at work with me.. with a hoodie, an umbrella and some socks.. i will buy some wet wipes later!

Packing with a hangover is never fun!.. if however i was organised.. and had a gorgous little car to pack i would:

sleep in this

drink from these

wearing this cute dress

Pack lunches in this:

Reading this vintage 20's book!

flashing these toasting marshmallow earings from etsy!

hopefully the reality will not be like this:


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