Aussie Angel!

Oh my goodness! ... I have been the worst with posting ever!! My laptop is broken again and I seem to have been absolutely non-stop. So much has happened though - I won the chance to be an Aussie Angel with my previous post! - i'm not entirely sure what this entails yet but im excited non the less!.. im in some excellent company, although i have to admit im a bit nervous about all their beauty knowledge! - hopefully they can teach me a thing or two! - here are the other winners:

Clare from Big Beauty Blog

Lauren from Lauren Loves

Felicity from Felicity xoxo

Hannah from Hello Beautiful

Tabitha from Scared Toast

Gem from Sparkle Sparkle

Jenn from Beauty Bloggings

Lauren from LaurenRhiannon

Emily from Trash Fashion

i've also styled a couple of shoots, been out a LOT! and...... bought new shoes!!!!

Yes! - i bought THE jeffrey campbell amazing shoes! - i've worn them every evening since!! xx


finishing up todays shoot ... tomorrow and wednesday i am styling again :S

Rhubarb Crumble Cake

Yesterday I made this great cake from Liberty London Girl's blog..

Mine didn't turn out anywhere near as neat though - not having a large enough cake tin as soon as i put mine in the oven and it started to rise it was a cake volcano - oozing all over my oven!

either way it tasted good - go bake! x

200g Butter
400g Caster Sugar
4 eggs
400g Self Raising Flour
Eight Stalks Rhubarb chopped up

Crumble topping
150g butter
150g plain flour
30g caster sugar

Method: Bung the butter & sugar in the processor and whizz to a thick cream together. Add two eggs, whizz. Add 4tbsps of the flour. Whizz. Ad the last two eggs. Whizz. Add the rest of the flour. Whizz. That’s your cake batter.

Pour it into your well-greased cake tin. Scatter over the chopped rhubarb. (You don’t mix it in as it would all just sink to the bottom. This way it distributes itself pretty evenly through the cake as it cooks.) Mix together the butter and flour in the food processor. Pour the resulting crumbs over the rhubarb, and sprinkle over the sugar. That’s your crumble topping.

Put in the oven for at least 35 mins. It’s cooked when a knife inserted in the middle comes out clean.


Teddy girl

Last week I attempted this hairstyle for a friends night out.. my fringe was definately not helping but I got pretty close! x


On Sunday evening we ended up at one of my favourite cocktail bars for a late night drink, 69 Colebrook Row these are some of the fab type prints up on their walls (excuse the bad iphone pics!) x


Warning!... This is an unashamedly self promotion competition post - hope you all don't mind :) ! xx
Fab Frocks has blogged about an Aussie competition to be an Aussie Angel.. and well, as a regular Aussie user I couldn't not enter!.... as should you!

The question i need to answer is “Put a spring in your spring! Tell us, how would you lighten up your life?"
Without trying to sound too much like a game show contestant - 'well Cilla, to lighten my life!....." I actually do think its a relevant question!... after what feels like the worlds longest winter and being ridiculously bogged down in work and everyday stresses it is definately one of my resolutions.. (speaking of which why aren't all resolutions in the spring!? - much better than january when all i want to do is watch dvd's in bed!)

I know I feel the pressure to keep up with technology, if i haven't checked twitter for a while or my blog feed gets up to over 500 unread blogs i definately feel panicked, and thats on top of my work emails and calls.... so one resolution to lighten my life is is to just try to simply the pressures - or just put them into more perspective!.. If I haven't read all my favourite blogs then nothing bad will happen!.. and the same for the pile of clothes waiting to go away in the corner of my room!

I also really want to take more time to slow down and read more books, go for walks and hang out with friends, and of course I can't wait to start cycling to work again, this will hopefully lighten my weight as well as my mood. In general to try to follow some of Tom Hodginkson from the Idler's advice, and maybe even make it down to their new academy

That, and of course use lots of Aussie products!.. I am always making resolutions to do more with my hair than just put in some leave in conditioner and leave the house... and this year so far I have succeeded - regularly sporting a beehive... and even a fab teddy girl quiff! x


I finally got my laptop back on friday.. although it now has something else wrong with it so may well be making another trip to the apple store and be another week without it :( I'm really missing being able to blog! x

Anyway... a sneaky 5 minutes at work brings you.. My Weekend in pictures...

we hired Boris bikes and cycled down to Hyde park then on to Knightsbridge :)

Sam had never been to Harrods so we got lost in there for a while

Then I met Andre Leon Talley!!!

On sunday we had a brilliant roast at the garrison with my dad
then pub and dominoes with friends and finishing at 69 Colebrook row.

Brilliant! x


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