Lets procrastinate

Love Sugar

Sorry for the lack of posts everyone.. my laptop keyboard has died so I am waiting to get it fixed :(

Love Sugar Design have some realy pretty prints over at their Etsy shop perfect in your in a romantic mood!

Vintage Fair

When I was in Bristol last weekend I popped into Clifton Vintage Boutique... although i couldn't afford to buy anything the lovely owner gave me free tickets to a vintage fair in london tomorrow! How lovely! xx

If anyone else is interested in going I may well have some spare tickets - tweet me or message me and ill try to meet you there. x

VENUE: Olympia Hilton Hotel events
ADDRESS: 380, Kensington High Street, London, London, W14 8NL
START DATE: 13 February 2011
OPENING TIMES: 08.00am until 5.00pm (i'm not getting there til 11 though) x


Last night my boyfriend kicked off valentines weekend with a surprise trip to the theatre... We went to the Hampstead theatre to see Penelope by Edna Walsh, the play described online as ' a slice of Homer’s Odyssey re-imagined in a surreal fable for our times' was set in a drained swimming pool! and was really very good. Afterwards we went to a really cute little local italian that served homemade cakes and had items hung all from the walls - we sat underneath the bike! brilliant night :) x

(sorry for the blurry iphone pics!)






We have UV lights in the studio at work today.... here are some iphone pictures while I was playing around! x


Yesterday I visited a friend in Bristol - Having read great things from Kate's blog I was super excited to visit all the little boutiques. Despite the Gale force winds it didnt dissapoint and though funds prevented me from buying anything i'd love to come back with a full wallet. My favourite shop was definately Clifton Vintage Boutique where there was a gorgeous dress just a bit out of my price range - she is going to be at the olympia vintage fair next weekend. We finished the night with many many cocktails - such fun xx

Knit one PURL one...

Last night my friend and i went to purl in Marylebone, a speakeasy bar along the lines of 69 colebrooke, bourne and hollingsworth and lounge bohemia - although bigger than all three.

We booked to be on the safe side and even though we were perched at a tiny crate table while the rest of the bar appeared empty I'm still glad we did as we overheard others being turned away.

the cocktails were nice - a little more expensive than similar bars which seem to stick to a £7-8 price range but the food ( a huge cheese board) was only £10 which made up for it... x

Definitely worth a visit for a nice laid back evening... just try and block out the city types on dates. x

Wednesdays child is full of woe....

and so I bought myself some Diptyque solid fig perfume to cheer myself up!.

this stuff is great!... its so hard to get little travel bottles of perfume and there is no way im lugging around big ones!... while the solid perfume of my childhood was hippy scents in little jewelled tins this one is surprisingly heavy, comes with a cute pouch and is in my favourite scent!

This is my desk today... do you recognise my etsy jar?


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