Bugsy malone

Bugsy Malone is one of my all time favourite films.

When i was little my brother and i had a video tape version recorded off the tv that we used to watch constantly. that and the goonies. My brother used to play 'Down' on the piano while i stomped all over the coffee table and we both used to really want splurge guns and pedal cars. It is just such an awesome film. Amazing costumes, songs and brillaintly funny.. amazing to think it is from 1976!

i couldnt find any decent stills online.. so her is another video.. you just have to watch the whole fim though!

Pass this to babyface... x

The Duke of Cambridge

We went to a fantastic pub for dinner last night in Angel..
The Duke of cambridge .

It was a bit off the beaten track but definately worth it. It's all organic and has brilliant drinks selections. The front half is a lovely relaxed pub and out the back the dining rooms.

All the food is organic and seasonal, written on a blackboard then just scrubbed out when it runs out. I had an Amazing Beetroot curry although apprently the fish there is amazing too.

You can even buy their cookbook on Amazon!

these cool cages with pickles in were downstairs.. x

And how great are these flower bike stands! x


Lazy Weekends

A few pictures from my lazy weekend..

writing snail mail..

hanging out at the V&A

Wandering home

Nachos.. yum!

cherry blossom. x

Road Rage

I have been cycling to work for a couple of weeks now... its mostly idylic.. sunny, not too busy, not too hard, (apart from the uphill trek back)!..

This morning however i experienced my first real case of road rage, not anyone shouting at me, but just the rousing of a general hatred towards all cars.

It began because the schools are back after easter holidays. As well as living on a big hill we also live on a road where almost every other building is a school.

Schools mean parents, mothers in particular, and in our area mothers mean huge cars. one mum, one tiny little child, and a huge massive 4x4.

Not even a regular 4x4, like a range rover. We live in Hampstead. Here they are mercedes, lexus, porsche, bentleys, basically the biggest most expesive cars these women can find. And boy are these women bad drivers!

This morning i had to avoid cars swerving all over the road, not indicating, chatting on their mobiles while driving, parking awfully, speeding (when possible)pulling out without looking.. basically acting as if they own the road and have never heard of bikes, the law, or manners.. oh yea, i forgot.. they probably do own the road.

these women can barely see over their own steering wheels, not that it would matter if they could, becasue they still wouldnt look.. they probably live within a ten minute walk of the schools anyway to be in the catchment areas!

I really do believe that everyone who drives in london should at some point have to walk or cycle... and let me know in advance so i can hire a hummer and ram them into a curb for a change.

Sorry :) - rant over! xx


Sunny weekend!

This weekend was actually sunny!..

It finally felt like Spring was here and i could even go without tights! I even managed to have picnic's on both Saturday and sunday!

Saturday i braved the roads to cycle to Ravenscourt Park to see the steam fair..it was near where my new office will be so i thought it would be good practice... however thinking i could rely on googlemaps on my phone for directions was a big mistake as it kept trying to direct me to the busiest and scariest roads... i took about twice the time i was meant to to get there with lots of weaving back and forth.

I did make it though..eventually.. in one piece!..

The fair was great - it was strange watching rides that looked like they were run by cogs and bicycle chains, even stranger when you could watch the men loading fuel on the fire to operate them!. we went on a couple of rides and i am amazed that im not covered in bruises today.. much more fun than modern health and safety crazy ones!

We also checked out the arcade and peep shows!..

ate doughnuts and candy floss and drank lots of gin. x

Sunday my mum visited and we had ice creams on the heath. x

Carters Steam Fair

Carters Steam fair


Birthday Boy

Today is my boyfriends birthday...

he is the best.. these are some reasons why i am glad he was born:
- he has the best hair ever!
- he can completely thrash me at bowling
- he thinks its cute when i wear socks in bed
- he is super passionate about his work
- and his band - and works so hard on it
- he is quite sentimental for a boy! (although he would hate to admit it!)
- he ski's and sails!
- he looks after his mum and brother
- he doesnt care what other people think
- he is incredibly loyal to his friends
- he says what he means
- he likes squidging my face
- he grew a moustache!
- he likes dressing up
- he works hard and plays hard
- he is extremely precious about his lie ins
- he doesnt do anything by halfs
- he puts up with me!
- he has been through a lot and is still always optimistic.

I love you Sam - Happy Birthday


English Love Poems

This gorgeous charity shop book has it original owner and a page dedication in the cover!.. so romantic! 45 years old too! wow! xx

i love this poem by Robert Herrick entitled 'Delight in Disorder' ... very enouraging for the less groomed in life! xx


has the Europe online shop working! yay! x

i would like these please!


Quesy...:S and a bit of a CV!

bit quesy today after an impromptu visit to the Holly Bush with my little brother and his girlfriend yesterday.. My Brother had just got back from playing a gig in paris, check out his band - they are very good!

To top off the hangover today is cold, and am i am doing the most boring aspects of my job... invoices and budgets!

for those of you who don't know about my job (probably everyone who isn't my family or close friend!.. er noone on this then!) I work for a photographer, Tim Bret-Day, doing production. Meaning that I organise all his shoots.. i love my job. When i was younger after deciding that i was too squeemish to be a surgeon or a laywer i wanted to be editor of vogue. I did a degree in English lit (to get a proper degree!) whilst also doing evening classes at London Colege of Fashion in Fashion Journalism, then i did a Masters in Fashion Journalism at Central Saint Martins and about a year and a half of work experience at Magazines.. I was very lucky and managed to get quite a bit of work assisting stylists - having now decided that this was more fun than writing - but i never really cared enough about what was 'on-trend' or in the latest collections.. prefering vintage and not really caring about labels.. So.. I responded to an ad on fashion moniter and started working for Tim!.

my favourite parts of the job are still going on shoots, location scouting, and putting together a big production and watching it all come together.. here is me at work!


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