Pajama Party

Pajama Party.

This post is a little delayed, and out of date by now but I wanted to post it anyway. X

Personally I love the idea of wearing my pajama’s all day. No worries about what to wear, I could just roll out of bed and to work…. If it wasn’t for the weird looks…. Unfortunately I don’t think I could get over the terrible paprazzi ‘why are you shopping in your pj’s’ image.

Well Pajama influences have been on the catwalk for a while now, with blue stripes, baggy trousers and oversized shirts but this season they are a bit more in abundance.. and in men’s fashion too!

Now this is one mens fashion I don’t see taking off… men can dress so casually and easily already, why reduce this down to night wear! However… after a washing machine disaster last week, resulting in no dry trousers my (ex) boy was forced to try the look out as he gallantly strolled out to work wearing my PJ bottoms!!

How brave! I would never leave the house in them myself! He didn’t even seem to mind that much (apart from a few weird looks) Maybe the trend will take off after all!

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