t4 test...

ooh i might be on the telly!!!! I have a vt (?.. something to do with testing me on camera to see if i look fat or ugly)today with a t4 producer.... if they like me i get to bring a bag of old clothes to be customised by people far better at it than me then strutt my stuff on the programme.
Of course as luck would have it i got rid of all my old stuff... literally bags of it.. when i moved house, but im sure i still have a few wardrobe horrors somewhere!... im quite excited but also nervous that they will reject me today! if they like me ill post a clip on here!!


Dina-Dyorre said...
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Maria said...

my old flatmate works for the production comapny and asked me to be on it! ..it was great fun but is going to be sooo embarassing!!


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