New Year

I am finally back after a rather extended holiday from blogging. Apologies, but I have just felt like hibernating and nothing has really inspired me too much yet this year!... Saying that though I have been extremely busy catching up with friends and trying to not let the weather be too depressing!.... I will also eventually start on my new year resolutions! I am going to
1) Learn French
2) Learn to Swing Dance
3) Go out a little less so my flat does not descend into tip territory
4) Make more things!

One of my first challenges of the New Year has been to find a bikini for a pool party this saturday... I love this one from Pistol Panties.. but it is a bit too expensive for a post christmas purchase!

1 comment:

loveyoumore said...

Pool parties? Sound exciting!

i have tagged you on my blog, do check it out if you can

Holly xxx


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