Chad Muller

ooh.. I'm liking Chad Mullers pics at the mo..

Apparently he started shooting at the age of 8, and by 10 he was working professionally! At 12, he started shooting top agency models and even the odd supermodel.

according to his agency
'Childhood friends include the likes of Richard Avedon and David Hamilton, each having left their mark and influencing his success and drive. Chad Muller, almost immediately, began to look for a happy medium, a mix of fashion and art, something that was not overtly embraced as it is today.

Mullers own magazine, Bambi the pseudo-coming soon page features a picture of Bambi, his first ever muse, who just so happens to be his mother. He's been quoted in interviews, often saying, "I was raised on bedhead and little black dresses. Not surprising, his desire to create iconic, lasting and timeless images is what makes him unique.'

hmm.. no wonder hes good if he hangs out with Richard Avedon and David Hamilton!!

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