flat finding

Flat hunting is such hard work!... i spend my days skiving off work to flat hunt and rushing off early to view them!.. can't wait until we get somewhere!.. especially as i have to move in 2 weeks now!....
we are hoping to have found a flat in Belsize park now - the outside is very ugly, reminiscent of a 70's holiday villa, concrete with yellow and blue painted stairwells!.. hmm... however the location is amazing and its lovely and spacious inside with a great kitchen - we have a 2nd viewing today...
one thing the flat does have in its favour though is a little balcony with table and chairs on - perfect for breakfast or dinner in the summer (although i think we may have had our summer for the year!)

Anyway - i have done my usual thing of jumping ahead of the game and already planning planting!.. there was a bit in Elle deco a while ago which reccomended scented planting..

..Geraniums, Honeysuckle, Artemisia, Jasmine, roses, Rosemary, Sage, Lavender, Thyme, Bay... yes please to them all!!!!

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