Finally Friday

I am so glad the weekend is here. After an awful night of what seemed like endless cleaning and tidying last night (I can't wait to be properly unpacked and sorted in the flat) I woke up cranky and tired this morning, it didnt help that my music in the office was immedietly turned off for Amy Winehouse instead by my colleagues! Also all my friends are over at reading this weekend :(

Anyway I am determined to begin the weekend early so I grabbed a budget Breakfast (Bloomer from the bakers, Soft cheese (ok from tesco!), and amazing nectarines from the friut seller outside the tube) all for less than two pounds and loads left for lunch (I am completely reformed and never buying a £4 sandwich again!) I am going o crack on with some work so I can hopefully leave early, go to a friends for a lvely italian meal, hit the heath then out tomorrow, carnival and sunday and who knows for monday.... Roll on afternoon!!!

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