Cockpit Christmas

Whilst at the Cockpit Arts open studios the other day a few artists stalls really stood out... these are perfect for christmas presents -affordable, individual and supporting a new designer..

gorgeous little porcelain tea light holders - the letters are my favourites.. spell out names or messages x

the quirky quotes on all these items are perfect for anybody. and the christmas decorations are gorgeous too. x

Phrases available are:

Option 1: i am quite unusually brilliant.

Option 2: i am not awake yet don't even think of talking to me.

Option 3: i am hoping for world peace but would like something shiny as well.

Option 4: i am having a very bad day only talk to me if you have good news

Option 5: i am in need of peace and quiet please observe noise reduction measures in my vicinity.

Option 6: i am unable to decide as there are simply too many choices.

Option 7: i am sure that on a day like today anything is possible.

Option 8: i am waiting for true love but will accept expensive gifts in the interim.

Option 9: i may at any point turn into my superheroalterego.

Option 10: i am a genius of ginormous proportions.

Option 11: i am doing my best to concentrate but due to years of training in the dark art of time wasting i can't resist the urge to procrastinate.

Option 12: i am taking a vow of neutrality in all matters pertaining to this dispute.

Option 13: i am not spoilt that is merely malicious propaganda put about by my embittered.

these are some seriously gorgeous scarves.. after the Hermes event the other week I have been craving a few new tying options... these few would be great..

I love these bracelets and rings that look like ruffled collars.

and finally Jo Hayes Ward
cool jewellery that looks like it has been pixelated!

a couple of them are also available on

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