Museum of Everything

This weekend I finally got around to going to the Museum of Everything no.3... despite only behind down the road and it having been open since October, I had yet to go and thank goodness they extended the opening by a few weeks!

The exhibition is pop artist Peter Blakes collection of collections!
Anything from punch and judy puppets to a shell grotto!
you weren't allowed to take photos inside, the penalty being death, or £1000 depending on the sign! but is a sneak preview on youtube..

The exhibition really was great, with the highlight (for me anyway) definately the taxidermy. Whilst some of the situations the animals were in was a little odd I still love them and would love to have something in my house - maybe a little mouse under a glass dome!

They have a really cute shop and tea shop also on site and the little notes and handwritten guides on the walls are great - definately go while you still can! x

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