Perfect Weekend

I just had the most amazing weekend... a perfect combination of relaxing and fun! ... friday night i went with a friend to the pub for a catch up then my b/f and i missioned it to ikea.. just in time to grab a rug and shelving rack before heading home.. he was wonderful and built the flat-pack while i crashed out drunk and tired in bed!..

Saturday we went to an Andrew W.K instore in east london.. it was great!.. his new album is just improvised piano and so he played piano for 45 minutes!.. I then hung round like stalker to meet him afterwards!...

Afterwards we headed to the street fair in Hampstead which was fab!.. old school family fun, children selling homemade lemonade and cookies.. tombola's, bands and lots of food..

then we had our own houseparty!..

Sunday mainly consisted of tidying up!.. and mopping the floor many many times.. afterwards though we could put out our new rug, plant up all the housewarming plants, have a bath and be lovely and cosy in our tidy little flat with a sunday roast!.. absolutely perfect! x

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