We are having a housewarming on Saturday... even though we haven’t fully unpacked and the place is a mess. We may also struggle to fit more than five people in our cosy little flat.

However we are going to stock up on pizzas, some alcohol, hang some bunting and fairy lights and invite all our friends over...
I decided to google housewarming party tips just in case.. this is what i found out!
1. Apparently giving good directions on the invitations is very important!....
2. Food: one website suggests that ‘Since guests will be walking about and inspecting your home during your housewarming party, this is an ideal situation for casual, finger foods. Serve different choices in each room. Then, as they discover your rooms, there will be edible surprises as well.’ Crisps in the bathroom then? .. dip in the cupboard!.. we only have one room!
3. Sweet Signpost.. (I like this one)’According to an American tradition, the display of a yellow ribbon is a sign of loyalty to family, friends or loved ones who are welcome home. Attach yellow ribbon or balloons to your new front door to welcome in all of your guests -- apart from anything else, it's a useful way to show which is the party house.’ Ok then.. some yellow ribbon.. or flowers maybe.
4. This one is hilarious!.. from the BBC website! 'Housewarmings' are frequently held by students, or people newly graduated from university. Such housemates are often testing the boundaries of good taste and tolerance in their first domestic experience outside the homes into which they were born. They are frequently more turbulent and debauched than other parties, largely because they are mostly held in jubilant circumstances, by people who don't really know how bad they can be to each other yet. Older householders have housewarmings merely because they enjoy them.’ Ahem!
5. One website suggested home themed music!.. brilliant!.. I immediately added ‘our house’ by madness and talking heads ‘burning down the house’! to our spotify playlist So cheesy!
6. Place: A housewarming party should be held at the new home, of course!
7. Not sure my guests would love this one!.. Party theme: Make the housewarming party activity-related. If there are rooms to be painted or a garden that badly needs planting, plan the party around getting that task done. You can have a painting party, where most of the guests show up early and help paint, or a garden party where each guest brings a plant, and actually plants it.
8. Martha stewart suggests that Instead of offering the usual plate of cookies, welcome new neighbors with a bucket of practical items they'll need while settling into their new home.

So lots of cleaning products.. friends painting... food hidden around the flat and lots of yellow!.. i think i may stick with Pizza and alcohol!

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