The Secret Ingredient!

The Secret Ingredient to sunday nights feast was live crayfish!!!

Bought from John the Poacher at the Underground Farmers Market, I had been pondering buying some the entire day.. he had a big tub of them in front of his stall wriggling about..

i love fresh crayfish, crab. lobster.. anything - and have no problems pulling them apart once cooked but I have never held one alive or cooked them myself before..

Sam was at band practice so i thought it would be a great surprise to have some at home for when he got back...
in order to conquer my fear beforehand i tried to pick one up using johns gloves... i failed.. they are so creepy looking with their spidery legs and giant claws!.. they were also bubbling at the mouths!.... euwww

John managed to find one that had lost its claws, thinking that i would feel much safer holding this one.... i did manage to hold it.. it kept moving its body like a caterpiller.. pulsing the muscle from one end to the next - really gross!.. then it suddenly jerked! i screamed!.. and flew it across the garden!.. this really should have been the warning sign!

instead, determined that i would able to tip them straight into a big pan of boiling water John triple bagged four up for me and i carted them off in the boot of Gaby's car (she wouldnt let them in the front!)

Once home Sam was suitably surprised (and rather horrified) at the dinner option so we set about boiling them...

one giant pan filled with boiling salted water later we thought it would be fun to film it.. camera in hand we tried to empty the wriggling bag into the water... except one was clinging on, i tried to shake it off and it fell on the work surface, then jumped on the floor!.. i screamed (again!) and promptly ran out of the kitchen.. the crayfrish was faster.. it was speedily heading for under the oven!.. panicking i shouted orders at poor sam who threw a bowl over its head and scooped it up with an oven glove.. only the bag was still trailing out of the water aswell.... as we tried to pull it out a half cooked crayflish flipped out with it!!!!..

so so horrible!!!. we eventually scooped them all in and cooked probably well over the reccomended time just to make sure that they were all dead!

they are currently still in the fridge... i did manage to eventually pull them apart but haven't quite bought myself to eat them yet!!


Gaby (soon to be famous food blogger, so says Maria) said...

WELL DONE MY LOVELY! You managed to cook them, which is far more than I could've done. You are my Queen! Brilliant blog posts. Thanks for a brilliant Sunday :-) xxx

Maria said...

Thankyou too hun.. if you don't start your blog soon enough il have to have you do guest posts on mine!! xx


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