Ribbon D.I.Y

I have a lot of ribbon... really, a lot!

i love the stuff.. i could quite easily live in VV rouleux... however as i dont have a legitimate purpose to surround myself with it i am trying to find uses for some of the bits i have..

dont get me wrong, ill keep a good supply for tying round ponytails and emergency present wrapping...

apart from the easy bows around every jar in the kitchen, every zip pull on a bag and hanging loops sewn onto every tea towel i was at a bit of a loss.

while lots of sights offer tutorials on ribbon flowers i dont want ribbon flowers, what on earth would i do with lots of them!!

instead i am going to tie some bells onto my bike basket...

these ribbon wands and rosettes would be great for a couple of friends upcoming weddings

these flags will be perfect for small remnants..

i also just love the idea of just hanging strips of trees!

especially if tubs of cupcakes are attached!

or even a ribbon wall!!! (although it does remind me a bit of 70s beaded curtains or ribbon door coverings in take aways!!)

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