Halloween dinner

Even though we're not American when I was a child my mother always went all out on Halloween.
One year our entire house was transformed into a cave, cobwebs everywhere and with our playroom dark and all the walls lined with bits hanging off to scare us, another year we had apple bobbing, sweets hanging on string from the ceiling and boxes full of different objects to represent worms or brains. We had so many masks and costumes hidden away that my brothers continued to drag out all year round - a favourite was the all over rubber warewolf mask and a wall mounted skull that used to yell 'I can see you' as you walked past.

My father favoured more the trick aspect of trick and treating and used to give us little boxes of raisins filled with salt!.. Either way Halloween was always celebrated.

Now as it has bcome so much more commercialised and Americanised here it is hard not to celebrate Halloween, lined up next to the christmas items are hundreds of products repackaged to feature a ghost or witch on them. I was shocked when in Marks and Spencer the other day how every item is renamed to flog it for Halloween... cheetoes are witches toes and candy floss becomes cobwebs...

well in the interests of saving money, and of keeping with tradition.. here are some meals that we used to eat at Halloween...

- Spaghetti - in many forms!.. extra garlicy to ward off vampires, with meatballs that you can pretend are eyeballs
-chicken (bat) wings
- food colouring in anything (even mashed potato)
- jelly with worm sweets set in.
- carrot sticks (fingers)
- mini cocktail sausages (also fingers i think!.. or toes!)
_ fish fingers (can you guess what it is yet!)
- any green soup - broccoli, pea - pond algae
- ketchup or any tomato (blood) based sauce
- blue cheese (mould)
- toffee apples
and anything else that you can rename or style to be ghoulish!... all served by candlelight with goblets of blood. x


Patricia said...

You were definitely better at Halloween meals then I was- and I grew up in NY! We always had a big pot of chili...it was always freezing in upstate NY and we'd get filled up on that then spend hours collecting our candy from the neighbors! We always had toffee apples as well...the on to the candy!

Maria said...

ooh Yum.. we always seem to have those foods at bonfire night here... along with carrot soup and jacket potatoes. x yum! x are you still in NY now? I love it there x


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