A Vintage Halloween

I love Halloween, the dressing up, pumpkins, parties... but this year i'm not going to be in London as it's a friends Hen do ( a Halloween hen do!!) .. i think we may just have to dress up for that! x

Before the catholic church adopted it for Hallows eve, Halloween was a celtic celebration of Samhain which occured on october 31. It goes back more than 2000 years... and marked the beginning of the cold and barren part of the year and was associated with spirits and death. The dead were believed to walk the earth on this night so bonfires were lit and animal skins worn for protection..... now its more an excuse for Trick and Treating and parties but a good excuse!

Traditional Halloween costumes included

* Demon
* Devil
* Ghost
* Ghoul
* Grim Reaper
* Monster
* Mummy
* Skeleton
* Vampire
* Warlock
* Werewolf
* Witch

Ghosts, witches and Masks were especially common...

I think the papier mache rough masks are especially creepy!

Here are a few more glamourous outfits!...

If you are in London on the Saturday then the lovely Fleur from Diary of a Vintage Girl is hosting a fabulous night, 'Dont Dali with the Devil' is sponsored by Absinthe (oh yes!.. free Absinthe!) and has the 'Albert Ball's flying aces' playing.. definately worth going to if you are in town

there is also a twin peaks themed party at the old blue last!.. a perfect excuse to dress up as Audrey!

Or if you fancy staying in these are some great Halloween films ...

* Dracula (1931)
* The Mummy (1932)
* The Nightmare Before Christmas
* The Wolf Man (1941)

This website has Amazing free Halloween cards! to download - they are really cute.

Happy Halloween! xx

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Bohemian said...

I'm Loving your Vintage Halloween Images! That Pin-Up Witch on the Broom is amazing... I've 'borrowed' her for a future Halloween Post. *Winks* Now... if only I could look like THAT on Halloween... The Man would be delighted! *LOL*

A Halloween Vibe coming at you from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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