Expensive lunch!

oops.... Today has been very stressful... i have had to amend a budget for a job around 50 times, burn many CD's for clients who already have all the images and generally run around like a headless chicken in the office on my own!.. around lunchtime i snapped and decided i was going outside for a cup of tea no matter what needed doing!.. out into the rain i stomped.. and came back with these!..

oh so lovely vintage tulle.. this one is a bit big so will need pinning but was £10 cheaper than the new ones!

i love the pattern on this dress.. and it fits perfectly!.. thank goodness it has a hidden zip and buttons though otherwise it wouldnt have gone over my head!

this skirt is gorgeous!.. it reminds me of the Louis Vuitton for A/W10! i may wear my new tulle underneath to pouff it up!

and something for the boyfriend... so i dont feel so guilty!

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