Miss Pettigrew had a little lamb

One of my dearest friends used to live at the top of Lambs Conduit Street, near Russel Square, one of the main joys of visiting her was therefore strolling down this lane (always on the way home as i am invariably late).

It is lined with gorgeous little delicatessans and cafe's and this amazing bookstore

Selling their own print runs of unrecognised classics (mainly by women authors) they are perfect for gifts or for really interesting books that you wouldn't find elsewhere.
An added bonus of course is that the books are beautifully bound in grey with fabric printed interiors and matching bookmarks.

One of my favourite buys from this store 'Miss Pettgrew lives for a day' by Winifred Watson, a lovely cinderella-esque tale I forced upon both my mother and grandmother is now being made into a film! Due for release this spring the pictures look gorgeous.... definately one to watch.

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