Mini Me.

Mini me…

I currently have an obsession with all things mini… (Actually I lie…. This is a long time obsession). When I was a child I used to write tiny mini notes to the tooth fairy and was entranced by an aunts mini pencil earrings that really wrote!

Just as the Japanese are ever shrinking technology, everyday items when shrunk are suddenly so desirable!

I don’t know if this is the childlike dollhouse attraction or a late blooming obsession with the borrowers but I suddenly want to hang knives and forks round my neck!!!

My favourites are…

helplessromantic, who make Small things cut out of Perspex (tatty devine style)

The French factory.. Absolutely irresistible mini bits (I want it all) – soop – I love the layering effect that you can achieve with these rings…

Tilly bloom – beautiful illustrations made into broaches and necklaces, in a decoupage style.

J Davis studio also on etsy – beautiful mini silver monopoly houses and streets.

And of course.. mini mania… lovely. xx

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Kate said...

I love all of these so much! The mini cute :)


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