Weekend roundup!

Goodness what a weekend.. I am most definately in need of a long sleep and am not particularly looking forward to a week packing instead!

Secret Garden Party was the best of times... and the worst of times!
Highlights include: dancing on stage with the infadels, hanging out with a couple of my best friends, free food and drink courtesy of a lovely press pass!, boat trips and swimming in the lake, amazing weather and finding many hats....
Lowlights include: drinking to excess, losing my shoes and not remembering an entire afternoon during which i ruined my ex boyfriends set and made a complte fool of myself, losing many hats, toilets,and regrets!

All in all it was a good weekend but has definately forced me to do some serious self reflection and I am not the best drunk! so much that i am going to cut out alcohol completely for a long time, i'm not an alcohol or anything but, like many brits i do have a tendancy to binge drink, especially after a particularly stressful week and i really dont like myself when i hear what on earth i've been up to! roll on remembering the fun times and having less bad ones!

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