Bag Lady

Thank goodness that after the crazy influx of 'i'm not a plastic bag' canvas jobbies someone is actually forcing us to use them instead of cluttering up our cupboards.

WGSN reported earlier that LA is banning carrier bags...

'Plastic bags will be banned from Los Angeles stores starting 2010, following a city council vote yesterday.

From July 1 that year, shoppers will have the option of either bringing their own bags, or paying 25 cents for a paper bag, Associated Press reported.

"We've gotten to a point where we need to act as a city, where we can have real results," said Councilman Ed Reyes, who proposed the bag ban. "We're trying to do it in a way where we can educate and inform the public of what we're doing."

The ban will reduce clean-up costs for the city, said Reyes. More than 2bn plastic bags are used each year in Los Angeles, the city estimates. Only 5% of plastic bags and 21% of paper bags are recycled in California.

The city council also approved a plan to replace polystyrene foam containers at all city buildings with paper products or reusable items by next year.

Plastic bags and foam food packaging comprise more than 30% of rubbish in southern California's waterways and do not biodegrade, according to the Bureau of Sanitation.'

Although Marks and Spencer already charges for plastic bags I think more cities and stores should take these steps to force people to remember that the anya hindmarch bags they bought ar not meant to be a fashion statement but an environmental statement.... it is pointless to own all these alternatives to carriers and not use them!

ok.... preach over!

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