Dissapointing Diana

I finally received my photo's back from Snapy Snaps that I took on my Diana in Paris, However they have completely destroyed them!! I'm so dissapointed that after waiting so long and paying £76 they will need to be done again!

As the 120 film is continuous and doesn't have the modern frame cut off points snappy snaps stupid automatic machines didn't recognise each frames and they have printed half of each frame on different pictures! after a very lengthy and heated debate with the staff in which they agreed that clearly each half of the same shot was on different prints they still maintained that they couldn't do anything. I am so annoyed!

I finally let them agree to me marking up each shot on the negatives myself but they cant guarentee that this is what will be printed.. so somehow at the weekend, along with packing, flat hunting and running for charity i have to find the time to mark up all my films - so frustrating! .. here are a few examples of their wonderful work!!


Little Nutbrown Hare said...

That's scary. I've never tried printing 120 at Snappy Snaps. Only scans. They often can't get the full frame in (cropped oddly here and there) but nothing as horrifying as yours! Poor customer service, though, is unforgivable.

onesilentwinter said...

i can feel your disappointment! yet i have to say i love these- everything about them- they are perfect in the own way...


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