Completely Decadent Monday

on Monday the b/f and I went for a really really lovely dinner!!..

he had to go to a gig for work so we stayed local and went to Bucca di Lupo, just off piccadilly.. a place that I have walked past with B and we both had to nip in to grab cards but had never eaten at!

The restaurant is decorated really chic-ly.. white tiles, gorgeous chandelier's.. simple yet expensively!.. it is also very small so unable to get a table at the back we were seated at the bar which turned out to be great as you get to overlook the chefs cooking and get a better idea of everything on the menu.

All the dishes come in different sizes so you can choose a selection of bits, and while simple the ingredients are amazing! (as is the wine list) .. I was really torn between what to choose but eventually settled on pumpkin gnocci with pork and fois gras!.. S had spaghetti frittata and we shared broccli and then a chocolate dessert. Yum Yum.. it wasn't cheap but just too lovely an evening to mind!

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Pierrot le Fou said...

mmm i love dining out

cute review + blog :)


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