Monday again!.. but only 10 days until christmas!

On friday I went to the Angel Christmas fair where my friend Eleanor was selling her lovely jewellery.. i was pretty tired and after a couple of drinks completely wiped out and had to go home! (i did manage to buy a hat before i left though!.. i'll show you tomorrow!)

Saturday was nice and homey... while sam slept

i had a sneaky breakfast (tomatoes on toast - mm my favourite)

and wrapped presents..

then we went to a lovely restaurant for a late lunch.. this place is really pretty and traditional - it would be nice to go on a wednesday when they have live piano.

then it was off to the underworld to see some bands.. the music and people were great.. the bar staff however rude and mean!... one girl decided that she didnt like me and i got kicked out!!! ridiculous! - I wish i could boycott the place but my brothers band are playing there on sunday!.. i definately won't be buying any drinks there anyway!

Sunday i spent the day with my lovely brother and his girlfriend - very nice day!

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