Xmas Atmos!

We just had a super christmassy weekend!....
Friday night P and I went to the Charlotte St Blues Bar.. Awesome place with Live music every night - I would definately reccomend it..

then we played pool all night and were actually good at 12bar!...I fell asleep on a stranger on the night bus home but luckily woke up in time for my stop!
Saturday was a trip to my brothers girlfriend's to decorate her tree..

it was so christmassy... open fire burning, candles, christmas music, mince pies and mulled wine!... i got tree envy as mine isn't as bushy and tried not to snooze in front of the fire with her cat!.. the b/f met me there and we had a bit of an epic grumpy journey home in the rain..

Sunday was our turn to play hosts.. with luch planned for half 1 we were a bit put out when my dad turned up at 11am and had to run around like crazy trying to tidy and cook!... eventually it all worked out well though and we ate so much!.. a Proper christmassy buffet with lots of cheese, stollen and pork. We decorated the tree ( and no Becky i still haven't moved anything around!) watched Blackadder's christmas then went up the hill to the Holly Bush
I love this pub.. it is at the top of the hill in Hampstead surrounded by really lovely little houses (that dont close their curtains - perfect for nosying!) it was an old stable block in the 1640's!and is so cosy!

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