I'm picking up good vibrations....

This morning i had a complimentary Power Plates class at Good Vibes!

They have a studio opposite my office and I have been eyeing up their classes since i started my job here.. however the courses are quite expensive.. you get a lot for your money but over £300 to shell out in one go is far too steep for me!.. so instead i bought my bike and the excercise of cycling to and from work and saving the money on the tube is well worth it!..

however Good Vibes is still there.. right outside my window.. in fact i even park my bike outside their frnont door!..

With less than two weeks until my holiday i had given up any plans of dieting or the 'bikini bootcamp' .. that was. until P told me about how good one of her classes was.. i looked at the prices again and decided that the off peak £12 a class ones could be justified if i just did a few before my holiday.. and then they offered me one for free!.. Awesome!

I turned up completely sweaty after a hectic cycle ride in avoiding nannies in tanks and it turned out i was the only one in the class!.. i had to do sit ups and push ups whilst on the vibrating plate which made me very glad that i do not have fillings or wear contacts... neither of which i feel would have stayed in place!

its strange because you dont feel like you are excersising and yet trying to push ups was sooo hard!.. i have no arm muscles!

the instructer was really nice and you dont feel like you are at a gym at all.. check out the changing rooms!..

i wonder if 3 before my holiday will make a difference!! haha!.. i'm going to try anyway! x

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