lightening up!...

I got my hair dyed yesterday..

i have been hating my hair recently, a combination of regretting having it cut short, being fed up of it being as dark and hacking at my fringe during a power cut at work... i pretty much want my hair back how it was a year ago!! ...

so yesterday i went and had it dyed.. i normally would just dye my hair myself as hairdressers are soooo expensive but because i wanted to go lighter i needed to have the old colour stripped... and boy did it take a long time!!.. luckily i had it done at the lovely Paul Merritt's.... a very cool concrete minimal space with a huge skylight... so i didnt mind hanging out for a while!..

Paul is a fab hairdresser, he was in that TV series 'the salon' (which no i didnt watch!..)then he started Bloww, a hair salon just off picadilly, is a consultant for GHD, styles hair for many magazine shoots and has won awards.. ooohhh!!...

He isnt even unreasonable price wise!.. even toni and guy are £130 for hairdying so why not go somewhere more exclusive and just generally better for the same price!!

His salon is located behind an unmarked metal door behind oxford circus but once inside is really cool and they are so nice and personal there!.. i would definately reccomend him to anyone! x

from this:

to this:

and finally this:

now it just needs to grow.. please hair!!!

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Gaby said...

Loving the new hair my lovely! No need to regret the cut, you look bloody gorgeous no matter what you do!! xxx


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