I finally got my laptop back on friday.. although it now has something else wrong with it so may well be making another trip to the apple store and be another week without it :( I'm really missing being able to blog! x

Anyway... a sneaky 5 minutes at work brings you.. My Weekend in pictures...

we hired Boris bikes and cycled down to Hyde park then on to Knightsbridge :)

Sam had never been to Harrods so we got lost in there for a while

Then I met Andre Leon Talley!!!

On sunday we had a brilliant roast at the garrison with my dad
then pub and dominoes with friends and finishing at 69 Colebrook row.

Brilliant! x


Hannah said...

What an eventful weekend! what was Andre like?

E is for Eleanor said...

haha brilliant photos. And Andre?!!?

Maria said...

Andre was so nice!... I just randomly bumped into him in knightsbridge and my boyfriend made me say hi!.. he was really friendly and it was even him to suggested the picture!! ... I tried to stand next to him but he was like 'i'll do the styling honey!' xxx I was so starstruck!.. such a vogue geek! x

Hannah said...

Hah how surreal, gotta love his collection of capes!


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